Community Events

Join with the community and other developers to hack, write and participate in the ArcBlock blockcahin 3.0 ecosystem.

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UPCOMING: Translate Forge Documentation

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UPCOMING: Translate OCAP Documentation

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ONGOING: Write content and get published

Help the Community and Start Earning

Be a part of the community and earn ABT tokens for your efforts. Pick an event and join in with hundreds of others making ArcBlock the blockchain platform of choice.

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Translate Forge Documentation

Be the first to earn ABT Native Tokens by working with ArcBlock's team to translate Forge Developer Documentation into Chinese. Total Reward: 2,000 ABT Tokens

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Translate OCAP Documentation

Up to 2,000 ABT tokens are available. Help to translate ArcBlock's OCAP documentation into Chinese.

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Write Articles, Get Paid

Help ArcBlock create top-level documents and get paid up to 200 ABT Tokens per article.

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How It Works

It's simple, contribute to the community by performing a task and get paid.

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Choose your event and register by submitting a pull request to start.

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Get Started

Work individually, or join a team to start.

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Get Paid

Submit a pull request to have your issue reviewed, when its approved you get paid.