Robert Mao

CEO/Chief Architect

Flavien Charlon

Chief Scientist

Jean Chen

VP of PR

Tyr Chen

VP Engineering


Joe Wallin

Legal counsel


Ding Lei

Founder/CEO Netease (NTES)

Shoucheng Zhang

Stanford University
Founder of DHVC

Salman Dhanani

Co-Founder & Co-President

Justin Tomboulian

VP of LiquidHub
Former Microsoft Executive

Jiaxi Lin

Founder & CEO Gujin Angel Fund L.P

Huishen Cui

Founder & CEO Roaming Investment

Maggie Wu

CEO & Co-Founder
Krypital Group

Violin Wang

COO & Co-Founder of Krypital Group
Advisor of Cybermiles

Andrew Le

RD Director & Co-Founder
Krypital Group

* We also have Mike Cartwright and Lawrence Lerner as our advisors during our token sale event phase.

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