Welcome to the World of Blockchain

Welcome to the World of Blockchain By Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering I mentioned two or three weeks ago in the article that I planned to leave the Bay Area and move to Seattle for a blockchain-related work opportunity. After saying goodbye to my wife and daughter at the end of April, I headed off Redmond, just me and my car, with some company from Ted Radio hour, the Backstreet Boys, and LiJun Deng.

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Bibox has become ArcBlock’s Strategic Partner, Enriching ArcBlock’s Ecosystem

ArcBlock’s ecosystem is getting larger and stronger. Today, Bibox officially becomes ArcBlock’s strategic partner. ArcBlock and Bibox will share resources with each other, and work together to accelerate the transplantation and upgrade of DApps to ArcBlock platform. If we think Blockchain 1.0 is defined by the decentralized trustless trading ushered in by Bitcoin, and Blockchain 2.0 is about programmability, the emerging of smart contract application and the prosperity of ICO, then Blockchain 3.

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ArcBlock Debut in Dubai International Blockchain Summit

Announcing New Partnerships and Advisory Board The Palm hotel, Atlantis, in front of hundreds Blockchain experts, industry leaders and government officials, Robert Mao, Founder and CEO of ArcBlock, a former research from Microsoft Research Redmond, unveiled ArcBlock at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit. ArcBlock is a new generation Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem for developing and deploying decentralized applications. The platform was architected by Robert Mao and Flavien Charlon with a team of software developers that has been in stealth development mode since early 2017.

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How ArcBlock works?The Revolutionary Designs of ArcBlock

How ArcBlock works? The Revolutionary Designs of ArcBlock Blockchain technology is one of the hottest topics right now. It’s undergoing a transition from 2.0 generation to 3.0 generation. Our team is extremely excited to introduce ArcBlock to you: the platform born for the blockchain 3.0 age. ArcBlock is the world’s first blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized applications. We believe, ArcBlock can largely lower the barriers that have slowed blockchain adoption among the general public.

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