ArcBlock Overview

Blockchain ecosystem for decentralized apps.

ArcBlock goes beyond providing the necessary foundational components for using blockchain to power complex business rules. It connects your existing system to blockchain networks, enabling you to automate business processes using the data and identities associated with existing systems.

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Open Chain Access Protocol

An open source protocol that provides an abstract layer for accessing underlying blockchains, enabling your application to work on different blockchains.



Blocklets and Components

Blocklet is a serverless computing architecture component for running various types of applications. Use Blocklet for smart contracts, Oracle, resource and asset handling, and off-chain business logic.


API Gateway

Decentralized Pubsub Gateway

A distributed messaging system that supports pub/sub and acts as an API gateway for Blocklets. ArcBlock's gateway uses a decentralized design and secure communication channels. Your applications will run in both web browsers and mobile apps, giving users reactive, real-time experiences.



Token Economy and Services

ArcBlock makes it easy to build your own economy. Tokens aren’t just for cryptocurrencies, however. They can represent many different things, from user identities, certifications, and documents to real-world entities. ArcBlock enables you to tokenize everything in your application.


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