OCAP Playground

A Developer Tool Built On Open Chain Access Protocol

A GraphQL interactive console, an infrastructure for blockchain applications.
OCAP Playground itself is the first ever ArcBlock App that build on ArcBlock.

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User-Centric Development Environment

ArcBlock's OCAP playground is only the best in today's market that can provide fast, simple, user friendly blockchain development environment. No installation required, all you need is a modern web browser to start tweaking the blockchain and applications development.

GraphQL Support

GraphQL is a new query language for fetching application data in a uniform way. By supporting GraphQL as the query language in Open Chain Access Protocol,ArcBlock makes it possible to develop different under layer blockchain applications in an uniformed way.

Extensibility and the Ecosystem

OCAP Playground is powered by ArcBlock's Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP),it will support more features while OCAP supports more blockchains. We currently support Bitcoin and Ethereum, and will support more. By supporting GraphQL, we make it possible to leverage the exiting GraphQL ecosystem.

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