Demo 6

KYC and Verifiable Credentials

In this demo, you will go use the DID:CONNECT KYC service to verify your identity and receive a verifiable credential in you DID Wallet.

Now start:

📱 Setup Your Identity Wallet
💵 Start the KYC process
📱 Verify your email address
💵 Receive your verifiable credential

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1. Download your wallet

If you haven't already, download and setup your decentralized identity DID Wallet. Follow the prompts and move to the next step.


Setup your wallet

on boarding process

2. Create a profile

Create your first account by selecting ID in your wallet and select "new profile." You can also use the button to create a profile. Note, we don't store your data and you confirm everything you share.

3. Verify your identity

Use the button below to begin the KYC process to verify your identity. For this demo, we will simply verify your email address, but KYC can be used to verify many things including residence, facial likeness, ID Documents, 2FA, or even professional certifications. You can complete this process on a desktop or your phone with the wallet webview.


4. Receive your verifiable credential

You will receive an email giving you the option to collect your verifiable credential. Upon selection the credential will be added to your wallet automatically. You can now use that credential anytime you need to login or setup an account with your email address. Note, once validated you will not be able to validate it again unless the credential is removed.

5. Use your verifiable credential

Now that you have a verified credential, let's go ahead and present it to a 3rd party to verify your information. You keep you private information secure, while sharing the information that the 3rd party needs.

KYC and Verifiable Credentials

6. Creating Trust with Verifiable Credentials

KYC and verifiable credentials are powerful tools to create trust between a user, issuer of a credential, and the verifier, while maintaining the privacy of sensitive user data. Verifiable Credentials are particular useful when a person needs to prove in a trusted way that they are:

  • above a certain age
  • capable of driving
  • need specific medications
  • trained and certified for a certain skill
  • professionally licensed
  • cleared to trave internationally
  • and much more

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7. Now, Build It Yourself

ArcBlock makes it easy for anyone to develop applications using decentralized identity and verifiable claims. Our Starter Blocklet is a full-stack javascript DApp template with decentralized identity and ArcBlock's SDK fully integrated. Try it now!


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