Demo 1

Decentralized Identity Cash App

In this demo, you can use Decentralized Identity to manage your digital money. Because it’s on the blockchain, it’s easy to verify activity and give users complete control of their identity.

Now start:

📱 Setup Your Identity Wallet
💵 Add Money (LBD)
🛒 Make A Purchase

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1. Download Your Wallet

If you haven't already, the first step to start is to download and setup your decentralized identity DID Wallet. Follow the prompts and move to the next step.


Wallet Setup

on boarding process

2. Setup Your Identity Wallet

To start, setup and create your first account card. Now register below. Note, we don't store your data and you confirm everything you share.

3. Add Money

Use the button below and scan the QR Code to add LBD, confirm the request and verify your deposit. Great work. Those funds are instantly ready in your wallet.

4. Make A Purchase

It’s very easy to make a payment for a digital asset, using blockchain and smart contracts buyers, sellers and users can exchange assets easily.

5. Anything is Possible

Just like Paypal and Venmo, but without the cost, build your own Cash App to support a secure currency, crypto payments, prepaid accounts, loyalty points and more.

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6. Now, Build It Yourself

In just a few minutes, you can build your own Cash App experience. ArcBlock makes it easy for anyone to develop applications including your own Cash App. The Currency Blocklet is a full-stack javascript DApp template with ArcBlock's SDK fully integrated. Try it now!


Why Build on ArcBlock

We've built a production-ready platform that includes everything developers need to build, run and use DApps.

Developer Ready

ArcBlock’s free SDK includes everything you need to build and run your app.

Decentralized Identity

W3C compliant specification and industry leading identity wallet for users.

Production Grade

Build for scale, interoperability and security using the ABT Network.

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