Demo 3

Login and Authentication

In this demo, you will:

😎 Login to a website
🔖 Provide identity data to an app
👑 Login to view premium content

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Decentralized Identity

Users login with their own decentralized identifiers (DIDs like email, phone numbers) to access traditional systems, apps and websites while controlling their identity.

- Only share what you want to share.
- Self-owned identity where users support claims by others (attestations) to verify identity.
- developers use attestations from the user minimizing legal and compliance risks of storing the users personal information (PII).
- Leveraging an open foundation using technology, protocols and reference designs.
- Achieve a scalable identity layer that helps protects users from data breaches and identity theft.

1. Download Your Wallet

If you haven't already, the first step to start is to download and setup your wallet. Follow the prompts and move to the next step.


Setup Your Wallet

on boarding process

2. Create Your Profile

Now, create your first identity profile with some user-specific identity data that can be shared with an online service. You can create one to many profiles all owned by you.

3. Share Identity Data

In this step, the app is going to ask for your full profile - name, phone number, email and signature. You may need to update your profile and then swipe to confirm the request. The application can only use the data provided and nothing more. Don't worry, your data is never stored.

4. Login with Your Wallet

Now, let's use your identity profile you just created. Select the button to login to the ArcBlock website, scan the QR code and swipe to confirm that you want to share your name, email address and picture.


scan to connect

5. Login to Access Premium Content

Using your online profile, we will now access premium content that requires a user to login. On the new window you will see an option to "sign in" to view the content. Use your wallet and follw the prompts.


6. Your've tried it. Now, build it.

Login and Authentication are great use cases for decentralized identity and have seen what it can do. Now, use the authentication blocklet and add a new login button to your website or app. The Blocklet is a full-stack javascript DApp template with ArcBlock's SDK fully integrated. Try it now!


Why Build on ArcBlock

We've built a production-ready platform that includes everything developers need to build, run and use DApps.

Developer Ready

ArcBlock’s free SDK includes everything you need to build and run your app.

Decentralized Identity

W3C compliant specification and industry leading identity wallet for users.

Production Grade

Build for scale, interoperability and security using the ABT Network.

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