Blockchain Use Cases and Solutions

Be inspired by how developers are transforming their DApps and projects through use cases built on the ArcBlock Platform. You can use your existing blockchain and DLTs, or create your own interoperable blockchain.

Data Marketplace

Data marketplace to buy, sell and use data securely with blockchain

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Decentralized Identity

Passwordless authentication, consent-based payment and MFA.

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Mini-Apps Platform

Build and launch new ecosystems with Dappsrun mini-apps, websites and services

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Create new gaming experiences, add a tokenized economy, transparent and open payments and more

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Permissioned networks, access controls, license issuance and tracking, Data and 3rd-party integrations

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EV Charging infrastructure, supply management, mobility, IoT and Insurance Claims

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Efficiency, security and new ways of doing business with your customers

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BLOKSEC: Blockchain and Decentralized Identity

Bloksec is a enterprise password and user authentication service that delivers a consent-based payment and multi-factor authentication.


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