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Our Blockchain Solutions are here to power your business to create the next generation of digital experiences and to drive positive change by solving real-world problems.

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Our Solutions

Next generation Services and Solutions are being used today by companies, governments, academia, and partners to redefine services and experiences that empower users by giving them the benefits that blockchain technology offers and increasing value over the long-term.


Build identity-based solutions including authentication, identity management, credentials and more.

Intellectual Property

Digital asset protection including copyright, digital media, digital notary and signatures, and the ability to easily catalogue works.

Managed Blockchain

Access and use Managed Bitcoin and Ethereum data through Open Chain Access Protocol, and managed ABT Nodes.


Permissioned networks, access controls, license issuance and tracking, Data and 3rd-party integrations.

Business-Ready Platform

Rapid development and POCs, Production ready or dev sandboxes, dev tools, easy deployment and management.

Documents and Data

Verify the authenticity of documents, Proof of Existence, or e-signatures.

Research and Development

ArcBlock Research and Development is a world-class engineering organization focused on exploring and delivering blockchain enablement to developers and businesses of all sizes. We've partnered with innovative startups, fortune 500 companies, and industry-best system integrators to ensure you can successfully complete your next project.

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Reimagining What's Possible with Blockchain

Today, ArcBlock is supporting blockchain transformations in diverse industries like gaming, insurance, financial, technology, healthcare, government and more supporting use cases like identity management, indexed and managed data, permissioned networks, license issuance and management, proof of existence and more.

Blockchain is Now

In the next 10-years, blockchain will generate more than $3.1 trillion in business value. Prepare your business for the "what's next" generation by building services and applications using blockchain that can lower your cost of doing business, improving margins and creating new experiences and capabilities that accelerate your bottom line.


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