DID:CONNECT Introduction
By Matt McKinney on 04/16/2020

Introduction to DID:CONNECT

Problem: Today Decentralized Identity is hard

Today, decentralized identity is hard to use and is siloed in individual networks with vendor lock-in and no interoperability for users to move their identities across different apps and services.

Introducing DID:CONNECT

A new way to think about identity to power apps with decentralized identity easily. You can create the components and the network layer to design, deploy and maintain identity connections

  • Identity made easy: Identity doesn’t have to be hard. Accept user addresses for identity activities.
  • Built for users: Ability to create identity apps through a simple GUI including requirements, and integrations.
  • Built for developers: Developer ready including SDK, ready made blocklets to start.

How it Works

  • ABT:DID Protocol: industry-first integrated approach to identity
  • Account Migration: Industry-first smart contract to move accounts
  • Open Chain Access Protocol: first commercial decentralized application that unifies approach to blockchain data
  • Flexible Backend: build and launch your own DID:CONNECT service using QLDB or blockchains ensuring scalability and interoperability with others
  • User Experience focused design
  • No additional systems required
  • Built on programming language designed for distributed systems that are highly available
  • One-click deployments via cloud (AWS), On-prem or other

Technical Details

  • Meets existing W3C CCG proposed specification, verifiable credentials and more
  • Gives the holder control over the release of their data to the verified using the decentralized identity Wallet
  • Highly secure authentication protocols including SHA3 256 for the Hash function, ED25519 for high speed high security signatures and an authentication that meets Authenticator Assurance Level 2 (AAL2)
  • Built-in safeguards to minimize the possibility of data deletion, modification or tampering
  • Ability to use Quantum Ledger Database and various blockchains including private and public blockchains
  • Wallet enables multiple identity profiles with the ability to selectively disclose information
  • Supports online/offline presentation and a non-certificate revocation list
  • Local and global infrastructure
  • Data can be stored on the user wallet device and/or on chain


In six steps a user can have an active identity component. Simply login, create an app, add your identity requirements, start it and integrate into your app or website.

Decentralized Identity Wallet

Changing how people send, receive and share information securely.

  • Mobile device ready
  • User-controlled
  • Secure and encrypted
  • Utilizes decentralized-identity and blockchain
  • Supports iOS, Android
  • Tokenized assets
  • Consent-based activities
  • White-labeled

Going Beyond Crypto

  • Demonstrates different developer experiences and possibilities.
  • Enable new methods of business and marketplaces
  • Ability to new assets in the future.
  • Add more networks in the future.


  • $100/month per node deployed into production for the DID:CONNECT service.
  • 3 plans for API Calls - free developer sandbox, $100/month for up to 5000 didconnect API calls, $500/month for 50,000 didconnect API calls, and the enterprise edition.

What Can We Build Together