DID:CONNECT Introduction
By Matt McKinney on 04/16/2020

Introduction to DID:CONNECT

Problem: Today Decentralized Identity is hard

Today, decentralized identity is hard to use and is siloed in individual networks with vendor lock-in and no interoperability for users to move their identities across different apps and services.

Introducing DID:CONNECT

A new way to think about identity to power apps with decentralized identity easily. You can create the components and the network layer to design, deploy and maintain external identity connections.

  • Identity made easy - identity doesn’t have to be hard. Network agnostic. Build for the cloud.
  • Built for users - ability to create identity apps through a simple GUI including requirements, and integrations.
  • Built for developers - developer ready including SDK, ready made blocklets to start and node software with everything included.

How it Works

  • ABT:DID Protocol: industry-first integrated approach to identity
  • Flexible Backend: build and launch your own DID:CONNECT service using a database or blockchain(s) ensuring scalability and interoperability with others
  • User Experience focused design
  • One-click deployments via cloud (AWS), On-prem or other

Technical Details

  • Meets existing W3C CCG proposed specification, verifiable credentials and more
  • Gives the holder control over the release of their data to the verified using the decentralized identity Wallet
  • Highly secure authentication protocols including SHA3 256 for the Hash function, ED25519 for high speed high security signatures and an authentication that meets Authenticator Assurance Level 2 (AAL2)
  • Built-in safeguards to minimize the possibility of data deletion, modification or tampering
  • Ability to use database and various blockchains including private and public blockchains
  • Wallet enables multiple identity profiles with the ability to selectively disclose information
  • Supports online/offline presentation and a non-certificate revocation list
  • Local and global infrastructure
  • Data can be stored on the user wallet device and/or on chain

Decentralized Identity Wallet

Changing how people send, receive and share information securely.

  • Mobile device ready
  • User-controlled
  • Secure and encrypted
  • verifiable credentials
  • Utilizes decentralized-identity and blockchain
  • Supports iOS, Android
  • Tokenized assets
  • Consent-based activities
  • White-labeled


Deploy your node, run your own identity infrastructure, connect a database and more

Using a Decentralized Identity Wallet (Intro)


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