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By on 05/08/2020

Getting Started with Decentralized Identity

What you will need to start ArcBlock's new DID experience

Any developer can use ArcBlock's services to design, build and run their own decentralized identity service. The requirements are:

  • Block Server (server node)
  • DID:CONNECT (identity service you install on the node)
  • DID Wallet (decentralized identity wallet for users to manage their identity)

Block Server

A node that lets you connect blockchain, decentralized identity and the services you need to make your applications work.

  • Available to install locally, or on on the cloud/on-prem
  • Run your own identity services with no 3rd party depencies
  • add your own blockchain or database

DID Wallet

Users leverage DID Wallet (decentralized identity wallet) to interact and login with your apps and services, and manage their decentralized identities.

  • Mobile device ready (iOS, Android)
  • User-controlled
  • Secure and encrypted
  • Utilizes decentralized-identity and blockchain
  • Assets, credentials, tickets and more
  • Consent-based activities


Decentralized identity service that gives you complete control of your identity connections and apps.

Install the DID:CONNECT service on the Block Server to run your own "decentralized identity network layer." With DID:CONNECT you can design, deploy and maintain internal/external identity connections for your apps and service.

  • Network agnostic. Easily connect 3rd party services. Built for the cloud.
  • Web-based console
  • Developer ready including SDK
  • Pre-built blocklets to deploy new features and capabilities including your own blockchain


  • Use ABT:DID Protocol
  • Runs on Block Server designed to support blockchains, decentralized identity and more
  • Build and launch your own DID:CONNECT service using a database or blockchain(s) ensuring scalability and interoperability with others
  • User Experience focused design
  • Launch with a single command
  • Connects instantly with DID Wallet with no additional configuration required


Deploy your node, run your own identity infrastructure, add your identity components.

Install Block Server

  1. Prerequisites: have nodejs installed & install DID Wallet
  2. Run npm install -g @blocklet/cli
  3. blocklet server init
  4. blocklet server start
  5. Go to web to setup node(scan QR code)

Block Server Dashboard

node dashboard


  1. Prerequisites: have mongodb installed
  2. Go to Marketplace in Block Server Dashboard
  3. Install did-connect blocklet
  4. Open the blocklet, go to Configuration tab, and add a User Configuration for key = MONGO_URI, value = mongodb:// your mongodb address)
  5. Start the blocklet



Setup an app to use DID login

  1. Go to DID:CONNECT by the public interface of the blocklet
  2. Use wallet to scan to login
  3. Create a new app
  4. Start the login component
  5. Configure login settings including message and required information
  6. Save changes
  7. Enable login
  8. Try the login functionality with Live Test


  1. We provide example projects for you to get started. Go to Integration from the side bar
  2. React integration a) Configure domain name to be “*” for testing purposes b) Follow the instructions in the Guide
  3. Express integration a) Configure your OAuth redirectUris under configuration b) Follow the instructions in the guide

What Can We Build Together

Need help, check out our website www.arcblock.io or email matt@arcblock.io