In addition to ArcBlock's ABT Node, Blocklets and Decentralized Identity, what other events will be held on day 1 of ArcBlock Devcon 2020?

Government and Blockchain

Governments are slowly embracing blockchain technologies, but hurdles still remain for adoption to occur at the local, state and federal levels.

panel government

On day 1, ArcBlock will hold a roundtable discussion on government and blockchain to look at the current challenges of blockchain adoption in the government, as well as successes and opportunities in the years ahead. The panel is chaired by Arry Yu, Chairperson of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Cascadia Blockchain Council with invited guests that include:

  • Charles Chen, Director of AI at the US Department of State
  • Steve Albonico, Head of Blockchain Business at Boeing
  • Ian Griswold, Senior Manager of Government Affairs at WTIA
  • Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock

Keynote Sessions

kyle keynote

Topio Co-Founder, and industry thought leader, Kyle Ellicott will present DApp Ecosystem for Developers sharing some of Topio Network's research on current industry trends for DApp Development including identifying key opportunities in the next 12- to 24-months.


  • Devcon will begin with the English track with the Chinese track starting 9-hours later.
  • Each keynote, round-table and workshop session may include 15-minutes of Live Q&A if time is available at the end using the Gitter chat tool

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