A step-by-step tutorial to help you launch ABT Node from the AWS Marketplace

Deploying ArcBlock's new ABT Node on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is as simple as a few clicks. Go to the AWS Marketplace and search for ArcBlock ABT Node.

  1. One you are on the ABT Node AWS Marketplace listing click “Continue to Subscribe.”
  2. On the next page, choose “Accept Terms.” Once the “Accept Terms” is complete you will see an effective date showing today’s date. Now, choose “Continue to Configure.”


  1. On the next page you can select the region where you would like to deploy the node. Review the drop down menu and choose your region. Once selected, choose “Continue to Launch.”

click to launch

  1. On the next section, choose “Launch from the Website” from the drop down menu, and then select your preferred EC2 instance size.


  1. For the Security Groups settings, click on the button labeled, “Create New Based on Seller Settings.”


  1. Enter a name for your security group and a description. From there, your new settings should include the following:
  2. Port 22: for SSH access, or if you will never do any manual configuration for the node you can disable it. We recommend that SSH be disabled by default.
  3. Ports 8089-8099: will need to be open to serve the ABT Node Dashboard and installable Blocklet packages.
  4. Ports 8210-8219: need to be open to serve the blockchain GraphQL endpoints, by default 10 blockchains are supported to start.
  5. Select “Save” when done.
  6. In the future these ports will be updated and won't be needed in future versions.

security group

  1. Next, choose a key pair from the Key Pair Settings drop down menu or create a new pair. You can use the key pair to help login to the instance later if needed. See: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/ec2-key-pairs.html for more information.


  • To create a new key pair, follow the link called, “Create a key pair in EC2” and select “Create a Key Pair.”


  • Choose your name for your keypair and select “Create.”
  • Now, the new key pair will be listed as an available key pair and a file of the same name will be downloaded.
  • Note, you may need to change the attributes of your key file using the following command: chmod 400 KEY_PAIR_FILE
  • Now, go back to the “Continue to Launch” page and select your key pair.
  • Click Launch
  • Before logging into your ABT Node for the first time, you will first need to install and setup ArcBlock’s decentralized identity wallet – ABT Wallet – and have it set up on your mobile device. ABT Wallet is a decentralized identity wallet used to access, configure and run ArcBlock services including your ABT Node.


You can find the download links for the wallet here – https://www.abtwallet.io, and can learn more here - https://www.arcblock.io/en/post/2020/02/21/arcblock-releases-updated-decentralized-identity-wallet

  1. Now, with your node running open http://YOUR_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME:8089 to begin setting up your node.
  2. Use your ABT Wallet to scan the QR Code to begin the set up process. Upon completion you will be taken to the ABT Node dashboard.

12 setup abtnode

That's it! Congratulations. Your ABT Node is now up and running. With your Node up and running let's go ahead and try installing your first blocklet and building your first blockchain.

In the coming weeks, we will also give you instructions on how to deploy ABT Node in AWS ECS, EKS and Fargate. Stay tuned.

Go here to get started with ABT Node.