ArcBlock VP of Engineering, Tyr Chen, will participate in an upcoming TF Blockchain event discussing hiring in the blockchain industry

Seattle, WA - September 25, 2019


On September 18th, VP of Engineering Tyr Chen will participate in TF Blockchain's "Hiring and Getting Hired" event in downtown Seattle, WA at WeWork Labs.

Tyr Chen will be joining a panel of leading technologists from the blockchain industry to discuss what hiring managers and founders look for when hiring for their blockchain companies, as well as meeting companies who are looking to hire, and others who are actively working in the space who might be looking for new roles in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The panel, which also includes CTO Rui Maximo from Concreit will provide tips and share best practices, keys to skills testing and how to get noticed in a crowded field.


Speaker Profile

Tyr Chen

Tian Chen (Vice President of Engineering) has over fifteen years of experience working in the software industry. Prior to ArcBlock, Tian Chen was the former Vice President of Research and Development for Tubi TV San Francisco Ventures and helped lead Tubi TV’s Research and Development Team helping to grow the business dozens of times over during his tenure. Since 2014, Tian Chen has written almost 400 technical articles, many of which have been recommended by leading technology blogs and outlets.

Any interested in attending the event can register on Eventbrite.