ArcBlock - An evening with the engineering team discussing blockchain, UX and the role of women in the blockchain industry

Seattle, WA - September 25, 2019


On September 25th, ArcBlock will participate in the Women in Blockchain event hosted in Seattle, WA. ArcBlock Software Engineer Riley Shu, and lead UX designer Echo Tian, will discuss their work in the blockchain industry and give attendees an introduction into blockchain. The talk will not only introduce important concepts, but also discuss how ArcBlock is solving real-world use cases and usability problems to make blockchain technology useful for everyone. The discussion will also look at the role of women in the blockchain industry and how they are driving force behind many of today's leading blockchain projects.

blockchain 101

Speaker Profiles

Echo Tian, UX Designer

As the User Experience Designer of ArcBlock, Echo is driven by understanding a user needs in order to provide more effective products for the user. With experience in visual brand language and product design, Echo aims to bring whimsical and tight connections to blockchain development customers with ArcBlock brand. She always seeks to listen more and think deeper.

Riley Shu, Software Engineer

Riley started as a data engineer and is now a software developer at ArcBlock. She has experience with different mass data analytics tools such as AWS and Spark. She also develops the Python SDK for Forge, a blockchain application framework, and frequently speaks at local technology and meetup events.

The event is open to the public and anyone can register on Meetup.