DappCon 2019 presents perfect showcase for ArcBlock to demonstrate developer platform and DApp successes.

ArcBlock will visit the Technical University Berlin in Berlin, Germany on August 21st to August 23rd, 2019.


DAppCon is a global developer conference held during the Berlin Blockchain Week and is a conference that focuses on technologies and solutions around building decentralized applications, developer tools and foundational infrastructure to support app builders, developers, researchers and blockchain enthusiasists.

By attending Berlin Blockchain Week, and DappCon 2019, ArcBlock will be participating in various sessions and delivering several demonstrations to developers and researchers to show ArcBlock's blockchain developer platform capabilities as well as holding mutliple education seminars for developers.

DApps represent a critical component in making blockchain technology a reality. Today, dApps already allow for various novel application scenarios including supply management, decentralized identity, gaming, education and so much more. These dApps typically are built upon distributed consensus and can be difficult to block or censor. While Blockchains early adopters utilize blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum they quickly found out that these dApps were based on compute-intense consensus mechanisms.

Today, more recent approaches are focusing on voting- or staking-based algorithms including ArcBlock's own consensus and highly scalable custom blockchain network "ABT Network" that is able to support higher transactions per second and is better-suited to reflect proportions of majority ownership, which are needed in many enterprise application scenarios. Today's dApps don't just require scalability, but also support for interconnected blockchains, integration of features like transaction protocols and smart contracts, support for decentralized identity services, as well as other capabilities to ensure the data and application are safe guarded throughout the dApp lifecycle.