ArcBlock attends Trufflecon 2019

The ArcBlock team attended the recently completed Trufflecon event held on August 2 to August 4th, 2019 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA. The event was held by Truffle and ArcBlock partner Microsoft Azure.

arcblock team

While the event is primarily targeted at Truffle Ethereum-based development users, the team also made some new announcements around their support for additional enterprise blockchains including Corda and Hyperledger. During the sessions, several topics stood out amongst the rest.

Building Enterprise DApps on Azure

Microsoft Azure discussed their blockchain service on Azure and demonstrated some of the enterprise-ready features and capabilities they have to support businesses and large-scale applications. Many of these same features can be accessed while using ArcBlock's existing ABT Blockchain Node software from the Azure marketplace.

Designing for Your Users: A UX Journey

While there a lot of talk about developers tools, technical services and more. One session stood out focusing not developer tool, but rather the overall developer experience. Truffle's UX and Product Makreting team discussed their decisions and reasoning behind their popular tools like Ganache, Truffleteams and Drizzle.

enterprise apps

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DApp Developers

While there are a lot of similarities to ArcBlock’s blockchain platform, Truffle is primarily focused on creating a development environment and testing framework for developers who work with Ethereum. During the event, there was a wide range of sessions that included workshops, hackathons, and panels discussing various topics including gaming and blockchain, building enterprise DApps and more.


"While Truffle doesn’t directly impact the work we are doing, they have been very successful in the Ethereum ecosystem and we came here to learn more about what is working and what isn’t working for DApp developers," said one of ArcBlock’s team members. "Our focus is to always improve and learn how others are solving problems that are commonplace throughout the industry." ArcBlock will have some platform and developer annoucements in the upcoming weeks and looks forward to continued integration with Azure and Truffle in the future.