Announcing Special Event! Bytom Devcon Workshop, TF Product Fireside Chat, and TF Blockchain Panels

TF Blockchain and TF Product Management are partnering with ArcBlock and Bytom Blockchain to bring you an evening event full of blockchain and crypto discussions.

Join us for Fireside Chats, Panel Discussions, faciliated networking sessions, and great connections.

Food and beverages will provided.

Experience ArcBlock Blockchain Application Framework!

ArcBlock and Bytom blockchain will be in Seattle for our evening event and cordially developers, engineers and blockchain enthusiasts to attend. Get to know the ArcBlock and Bytom teams and we expect hundreds of delegates will be joining the event. Industry experts and key opinions leaders from blockchain will be presenting and participating in keynote and various panel discussions. This event will explore several key topics relating to DEFI and DEX, public blockchains and latest blockchain trends.

We look forward to seeing you at this event. Food and beverages will be served.

About ArcBlock

ArcBlock is transforming the way blockchain-enabled applications and services are developed, managed and deployed by reimaging how these services are going to be created in the years ahead. ArcBlock is comprised of a team of industry experts, developers, technologists, and leaders who are focused on creating successful outcomes by enabling teams and businesses to create blockchain-ready services around their needs. ArcBlock has created a powerful but easy to use development platform that utilizes the power of blockchain in combination with cloud computing that developers and businesses to achieve their goals successfully. Follow ArcBlock on Twitter @arcblock_io

About Bytom

Bytom is a blockchain protocol for financial and digital asset applications. Using the Bytom protocol, individuals and enterprises alike can register and exchange not just digital assets (i.e. Bitcoin) but traditional assets as well (i.e. securities, bonds, or even intelligence data).


5:30 PM - 6:15 PM: Facilitated Networking Session

6:15 PM - 6:25 PM: Opening Remarks and Introductions

6:25 PM - 7:10 PM: TF Product Fireside Chat with Sean Hsieh, CEO of Concreit (Blockchain and Real Estate)

7:10 PM - 7:40 PM: Panel -DEFI, DEX, & Traditional Financial - Anil Kumar

7:40PM - 7:50 PM: Bystack Lightning Talk - Martin Zhong

7:50 PM - 8:20 PMl: Panel - Public Blockchains for Adoption - Martin Zhong, Matt McKinney (ArcBlock)

8:20 PM - 8:30 PM: Bytom Swap Lightning Talk - Anil Kumar

8:30 PM-9:00 PM: Faciliated Networking Session