The Odyssey to the Decentralized Web Has Begun

As we enter June, it has now been approximately one year since ArcBlock released our first public product - Open Chain Access Protocol - that was one of the industry’s first real developer tools that solved a critical problem and made it easier to build DApps. Not only has June got us excited about the past year, but also for the months and years ahead.

New Product Releases:

We are launching an updated website today for our users and community that brings together the services we have built and represent the foundation for our blockchain-based ecosystem and roadmap going forward that will include the following:

  • ABT Wallet Continuous Improvements

    • SDK for Dapps
    • ABT Native Token Swap
    • BTC, ETH support
    • Hardware cold wallet support
  • On-Chain Governance Improvements

    • Transaction Protocol: Live deploy and update blockchain protocols on the fly
    • Vote Protocol: Comprehensive on-chain vote
    • Interchain Custodian Exchange Protocol: cross-chain assets exchange made easy
  • Dapps & Blockchain development toolchain

    • XMark, an extensive content tool for dApp developers
    • Mobile Dapps Development tools
    • DAO framework: Decentralized Autonomous Organization made easy


Not only are we creating an innovative blockchain platform that make it easy to build, run and use DApps, we have also partnered with a wide range of industry leaders to ensure that ArcBlock's services are globally available and help to create the largest ecosystem for our users and community allowing them to build DApps and services wherever their users are. These partnerships include, but are not limited, to the following:

Product after Products: A Year in Review

To help make these next steps possible, we also want to recognize the work that ArcBlock’s team has accomplished to build the foundation for our blockchain 3.0 ecosystem. There was a lot of code written by our engineers and to give you an idea we This includes Github details here: With all that code, we were able to create components, services, SDKs and more that make up most of today’s ArcBlock Platform. Starting with our Open Chain Access Protocol, here is what we created:

  • Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP):

    • OCAP Ethereum support
    • OCAP Bitcoin support
    • OCAP Playground
    • OCAP Playbooks
    • To support OCAP, we have the following internal tools:
    • Goldorin: a DSL that covert yaml configuration into GraphQL notation and query definitions for elixir (radically reduced the time to the market for the new APIs)
    • OCAP-RPC: RPC wrapper for bitcoin / ethereum and other potential chains
  • OCAP Hackathon: Seattle, Bellevue,Beijing, Shenzhen
  • Forge framework (with more than 100 update releases since launch):

    • Forge Core: core node functionality for forge
    • Forge CLI: a set a CLIs to allows for easy interactions with forge node core functionalities, e.g. send tx, create wallet, upgrade node.
    • Forge Starter: a system like daemon that manages forge node crash recovery and auto upgrades
    • Forge Transaction Protocols: a hot-loadable / hot-upgradable set of protocols powers functionalities of Forge-based chains. Each chain can be customized with whatever combination of tx protocols are needed (currently 17 types of transactions are supported).
    • Forge Simulator: a simulation tool that can send massive TXs to Forge Node to test its capability
    • ABT Chain Node: a blockchain explorer, developer tools and management console for a local or cloud-based Forge nodes
    • Forge Desktop: an application that provides cross-platform desktop UI for forge release so end users with no technical knowledge can use Forge.
  • Forge SDK:

    • Forge Elixir/Erlang SDK
    • Forge javascript/Nodejs SDK
    • Forge Python SDK
    • Forge Java SDK (to be released)
    • Forge Rust/Golang/C/C++ SDK (WIP)
    • DApps template projects:
    • Forge DApp Node.js starter template
    • Forge DApp Python starter template
    • Forge DApp Elixir starter template
  • DApps Demos and Samples:

    • Forge Wallet Demo Apps
    • Block contract (demo app) - decentralized signature service
    • EventChain (demo app) - decentralized event app
    • Bazaar (demo app) - decentralized e-commerce
  • ABT Network: the interconnected blockchain network

    • ABT Network global explorer
    • Cross-chain Support:
    • Forge cross-chain related transaction protocol
    • Forge Patron: easily build cross-chain testing topology (e.g. create a topology with 10 nodes, that 3 belongs to chain A as validators, 5 belongs to chain B and 2 belongs to Chain C), and run cross chain related test cases
  • ABT Chain Node

    • ABT Node Cloud Templates
    • AWS
    • Windows Azure
    • ABT Node Desktop Edition
    • Dev-op:
    • Forge Deploy: ansible script + Packer script that bake the forge releases
  • ABT Wallet: decentralized identity wallet

    • DID:ABT
    • Open Wallet Protocol

We are excited about months ahead and will continue to deliver on our product roadmap and to become one of the industry’s leaders in the months and years ahead.