Like the months before May 2019 proved to be another very busy month. The ArcBlock had several significant product releases including the release of the Forge Blockchain Application Framework & Forge SDK and ABT wallet as planned, as well as other activities that included joining the Decentralized Identity Foundation.





  • Forge SDK:

    Code refactoring, document completion, all open sources
    JavaScript:Starter Project
    Elixir: Support multiple gRPC connections with different blockchains
    Node.js: Starter Project / Asset Factory Demonstration Application Improvement
    Python: Multi-chain support/support Python Starter Project
  • Forge Core:

    Support Cross Chain、Asset Factory、automatic upgrades
    TX protocol Improvement
    Release 0.28.0,protobuf compiler Major upgrade
    Support Asset Protocol
  • Forge-patron: The first stage is to create a multi-link and multi-node network allowing for complex and production ready testing
  • Wallet and Wallet Demonstration Application: Several product enhancements and bug fixes
  • Eventchain:

    Code refactoring
    Support TX protocol
    Support  Asset Factory
    iOS / Android integration
  • Forge Workshop:

    Cross-Chain Demonstration
    Intergrated with TX protocol
  • GitHub Development Progress Weekly Report:





arcblock dif




  • May 8th,13:00 (22:00 at May 7th,PST ), No. 23 ArcBlock Technical Learning Series "Forge Framework Unveiled",Lectured by Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering of ArcBlock.
  • May 15th ,13:00 (22:00 on May 14th, PST),No. 24 ArcBlock Technical Learning Series "Introduction to Forge Core",Lectured by Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering of ArcBlock 。
  • May 22th ,13:00 (22:00 on May 21th,PST),No. 25 ArcBlock Technical Learning Series "Build your First DApp with Forge SDK and DID",lectured by Shijun Wang,senior frontend engineer of ArcBlock.

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