What role does ABT Blockchain Node play in the ArcBlock ecosystem?

Event Chain is a blockchain-based platform built on ArcBlock's Forge Blockchain Application Framework to help users see what is possible. Event Chain is a great example of a decentralized application that creates an end-to-end transparent path to connect event organizers and participants.

With Event Chain, all activities can be tracked with just a few clicks and everything is visible and auditable. You can see clearly when the event was created, how many tickets does this event have in total, who and what time bought the tickets, etc. Organizers have the complete picture of how many tickets are sold in real time; participants have full access to the state of available tickets, but also maintain control of their identies by interacting with the system using their decentralized identity.

Event Chain is designed to make life easier, not harder. With all the benefits, users can still use Event Chain like any traditional ticket-selling platforms.

With several easy steps, you can create/join an event in seconds.

Step 0: Create your own account

First of all, to use Event Chain you need an account, which also serves as your identity on Event Chain. After registering, you immediately receive your own account with a unique address. ABT wallet users can skip this part, your wallet will automatically create an account for you when you try to interact with the website. If you are using an ABT wallet, you can jump to step 1 directly.

create account

Step 1: Get some lucky money

If you create your account through the web, you might notice that your account balance is not zero and you can skip this step. This is because the web has already got you lucky money when creating an account.

For wallet users, please scan the code and confirm the transaction, so you have some lucky money to start with.

get lucky

Step 2: Buy a Ticket

After you create an account, you can now use this account to buy tickets from events you are interested in.

For buying a ticket, you have two options. If you logged in through the web, you can just click the ‘buy ticket’ button to complete the purchase. If you use an ABT wallet, just scan the code and confirm to complete the purchase.

buy ticket

After the transaction is completed, you should see the ticket appear in your account.

my ticket

Step 3: Use a Ticket

For web users, just click on “Use Ticket’ on your ticket to mark it as “used”. For ABT wallet users, you should scan the QR code on the event you want to join, and confirm the transaction.


Anyone is free to use Event Chain to create, run or host an event. Best of all, you can experience the power of blockchain and begin to imagine what is possible. No longer is creating useful, amazing applications difficult. Using ArcBlock's blockchain platform everyone can begin to build, run and use decentralized applications and blockchain-ready services instantly. best of all, users can simply use the ABT wallet to create, use and access apps and activites throughout the ABT Network. It's easy, it's ready and it's time to make the decentralized interent a reality. Try it today and host an event in minutes. Or, if you want to learn more about building your own DAps, simply visit https://www.arcblock.io/en/forge-sdk/ and create your first application in minutes.