ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 04/17/2019

On April 17th, ArcBlock held another Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between VP of Engineering Tyr Chen and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q1: ABT network is mainly used for developing Dapps?

The network is an ecosystem for all ArcBlock powered chains that serve for different DApps. To date, we have already deployed a few changes and expect more in the near future.

Q2: When will we see the ABT Wallet?

Very soon.

Q3:Can we stake ABT in the wallet?

We want it to be not just sending tokens but also providing real use cases

Q4: Is ABT Token scheduled to list on Binance or elsewhere?

You can stake and to use all kinds of services we encourage you stake. But the staking is a little bit different. You stake because you use DApp not because you can get rewards. We have plans for more exchanges, the marketing team will expose more info once the time is right。

Q5: Can I build up any type of chain in ABT network? or I can just make a DApps?

Yes for sure. We will soon release our SDKs then you will be able to build your DApps using your own chain and connect it to the ABT Network.

Q6:what is ABT planning in 2019?

For 2019 plan please see our roadmap in website

Q7: What’s the difference between ABT and Cosmos? Which is the best?

Good question we have a lot of differences. @robroyhobbs do you have the official comparison?


Q8: When can developers build DApps on ABT chain?

In short, we have a few things are finishing including building DID support from the ground up and delivering the best user experience for the devs. We made lots of technical decisions that make it easy to use and customize. And we put lots of efforts on being able to easily upgrade.

Q9.1: Do you want to give a bit of info on the comparison?

I put some words on that. We have plans for more promotions this year and a lot more product releases. You will see more and more products out in this and next quarter including real usable DApps that aren’t just gambling apps. And we will have a series of lectures on building DApps with forge and abt network.

Q10: Forge framework, when?

The SDKs are planned to be released in two to three weeks. We are doing lots of documentation at the moment. You will soon find it out 。 The initial batch of examples (they are actually pretty mature just not for internet scale) contains apps we used frequently now. When the SDK is published we will provide several more examples that you could immediately use. Then when the wallet is release you will find how the DID, wallet, chain, and DApps work together.