ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 2/20/2019

On February 20th, the eighteenth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between CEO Robert Mao and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q1: Do you have any good news for us?

Last month, I started a lecture series called "Design Decentralized Apps". The focus is on sharing best practices on how to design and develop DApps. In other news, we have started an internal test of the ABT network, our new blockchain service that is built on our own Forge Framework.

Q2: Can you tell us something about DID?

As I mentioned in one of my tech talks, Decentralized Identifier (DID) support is a core component of the ArcBlock platform. We follow W3C DID standards, and will be able to inter-operate with any other DID solution providers if they are following standard protocols. The upcoming ABT Wallet is not only a wallet for crypto assets, but also a wallet for those DID and related digital tokens: certificates, employment verification, degrees, visas, etc. In the future, everything will be a token.

Q3: Did the internal tests meet the team's expectations?

The purpose of these tests is performance tuning, security, and scalability. So far, our testing has been focused on a set of very low-end servers to see how the network performs. We used DigitalOcean VPS (which only cost $5 per month) to test stability and performance. We intend to continue testing servers to make sure in the future adding a node is truly cost-effective. So far, even the low-end servers have performed well enough to support millions of daily active users and transactions.

Q4: Why not test with a better VPS?

We need to make sure the system works with all kinds of servers, including budget servers. This eliminates the barrier to entry, and ensures that becoming a validator or an observing node in ABT Network is cost-effective and available to anyone. This also makes the system more decentralized.

Q5: When will we see the official version of the ABT network?

We are on track as described in our roadmap.

Q6: Is there any team or company that wants to build DApps on ArcBlock’s platform?

There are already several companies and partners building on the ArcBlock platform. Right now, our partners and customers are busy building, and we will make some joint announcements when everyone is ready. For everyone here: starting next month, we will invite folks to try our new Wallet App. It's an amazing app that could redefine "digital wallet".

Q7: Can I be one of the first invitees to use ABT wallet?

We will publish invite links when we are ready, and we will definitely share them with our community first.

Q8: Any more news to share with us?

As we planned in our roadmap, we plan to run Q&As on our user community platform rather than chatting on Telegram and WeChat. Once we launch our new user community, we will invite everyone. We will be able to create a unique and amazing community experience. We will have better Q&A sessions and discussion forums for our platform and services. As you can see, Telegram Q&As always have a time limit. In the future, we want to make our Q&A a better experience.

Thanks, everyone.