ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 12/19/2018

On December 19th, the sixteenth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between VP of Engineering Tyr Chen and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q1: Hello, Chen. Will the progress of ArcBlock be completed as scheduled?

It has been an intensive month, and we did a lot of work to support our new payment system for the developer console. With this update, developers can pay for their API usage with the ABT token. We are also working on the billing system with our own chain, which will be hooked into the payment system to provide a publicly verifiable audit trail for billing. Our TokenFlow app had a major improvement in supporting the tracking, data aggregation and analytics for major ERC20 tokens besides existing ETH and BTC support and that came out of our work on OCAP.

Q2: API-developers can get the ABT rewards from your API now?

API developers will consume the ABT on the platform.

Q3: Robert said that ABT will have its own main chain. Do you have any development plans now?

For the main chain, our take is to continue building our framework and then we will build the chain on top of it. We are already working hard on that part.

Q4: How many R&D engineers in the team? how about there background?

We have more than a dozen full-time developers in Bellevue, WA, and Beijing, CN.

Q5: So when will the Forge framework be completed?

For Forge, we are already working on all kinds of use cases to test and the last few feature sets for its core. Once that happens, we will build a nice CLI for Forge and the initial set of SDKs. To start, the JavaScript SDK will be the first priority.

Q6: When can I change ERC20 ABT into ABT chain. Do you have a specific time?

We will publish that when it's ready. We will distribute our 2019 plan shortly.

Q7: When will OCAP be ready to develop a Monopoly game?

That is an interesting question. We support sending raw TX on ETH, as well as read and subscribe to all kinds of data, In addition, for controlled account support the users potentially could do more mutations and smart contract deployment. These are the foundational elements needed for a complicated DApp. For your Monopoly game, the developer just needs to decide the detailed requirements.

Q8: Will ‘Arcblock for Business’ be finished on time as described in the roadmap, or will it take more time?

We are actually ready now, but we will keep evolving the OCAP Platform.