ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 10/17/2018

On October 17th, the fourteenth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between VP of Engineering Tyr Chen and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q:When will the giftcard app be released?

Tyr: We have deployed the authentication and account systems that will validate token holders, provide advanced functionality for OCAP. The development of the giftcard app will resume soon after we support these capabilities on OCAP.

Q: Which firm will audit your blockchain for authenticity and quality before public use?

We plan to provide a set of functionalities to allow developers to send transactions and deploy contracts via OCAP from authenticated users. That is to say, the developers will audit the open chain access protocol before the public.

Q: Hi Tyr, could you tell us more about the training that your team is doing?

In the past, we have run weekly meetings within our team to share platform knowledge. Recently, we decided to bring this information to a broader audience, so we have started a technical training series that anyone can register for and participate in. So far, we have covered Ethereum smart contracts and Goldorin, as well as several trainings on data-related topics including Kinesis, Athena and Glue. In the future, we will cover Tendermint and do a deep dive into Ethereum. We plan to use this series to help developers understand the blockchain ecosystem.

Q: Will the mainnet be launched successfully in this quarter, according to your current development schedule?

We are doing our best on that. We are also taking the opportunity to learn from various recent community launches. The exact time to launch is yet to be decided.

Q:The latest engineering weekly report mentioned that a Dapp called Tokenflow is under internal testing. Friends want to know when this Dapp will be available for use.

We are evolving this app based on the first round of user reviews. There are some UX and data components that will need to be improved before its release. It is a heavy user of our public OCAP API and has revealed lots of great potential for OCAP.