to Bring Digital Identity Tools to Blockchain 3.0 Developer Ecosystem

Bellevue, WA – (Press Release) – ArcBlock, creator of the world’s first Developer-ready Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem, and LifeID, creator of the leading open-source, tokenized protocol for sovereign identity, have announced a new technology partnership to bring LifeID’s blockchain-based digital identity protocol and developer tools to ArcBlock’s blockchain 3.0 developer ecosystem.


LifeID is creating an open, public identity protocol for next-generation web and blockchain ecosystems to give users an easy, convenient and secure way to control their identity. With LifeID, users have more options on how they want to manage their personal identity data online and offline using blockchain-based authentication.

Through this new partnership, ArcBlock continues to redefine what it means to build a decentralized application (DApp) by giving developers an entirely new way to make DApps and blockchain services that remove many of today’s common problems. With nothing more than a browser and unified architecture, developers can write their code once and use it across different blockchains automatically. Developers no longer need to worry about spinning up nodes, poor performance or vendor lock-in, but instead can focus on doing what they do best - building, managing and deploying DApps efficiently.

“Starting today, ArcBlock is giving developers a powerful digital identity protocol that enables users to control their own identity easily,” said Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering for ArcBlock. “Today, companies and developers recognize that digital data is a powerful asset, and are working to keep control of that data in a manner that let’s the user have control. With LifeID, self-sovereign identity is now a reality.”

“lifeID and Arcblock are natural blockchain infrastructure partners,” said Chris Boscolo, lifeID CEO and Founder. “Arcblock's vision of a powerful blockchain developer ecosystem is perfectly aligned with the lifeID mission of revolutionizing personal digital identity. We're both building out the necessary foundations to achieve our shared vision of blockchain ecosystems serving developers and their users. Part of this vision means having blockchain-based identity for any Web 3.0 application. lifeID's partnership with Arcblock will accelerate our goal of ‘digital identity with dignity’ for the world.

For anyone interested in learning more, you can visit LifeID, or contact ArcBlock visiting or Telegram community at for more information.