ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 8/22/2018

On August 22nd, the twelfth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between CEO Robert Mao and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q: What news do you have for us?

We have made good progress in the last couple weeks:

  1. Our second internal hackathon is coming up this weekend.

For those who can’t make it to the hackathon but are interested in participating, here is a short primer:

You can easily get started by watching our demos and following our step-by-step guide.

To help developers out even more, we have also created "cheat sheets" using the examples of Bitcoin and Ethereum:


As you can see, we are making good progress on building useful tools for developers.

  1. We have changed the frequency of our tech Q&As from weekly to biweekly. However, due to recent improvements to our communications, we may find that even biweekly is more often than is necessary.

We have built a support website where the answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found:

  1. We open sourced a few new projects, notably the Javascript SDK, as well as sample projects for React, VUE and React-Native. We will soon open source the SDK for Android and iOS.

Q: Robert, is there any news about the Giftcard App?

We have pushed the launch back, but major improvements are being made.

Q: Robert, how's Dragonchain? Are we going to support it? What about Hyperledger, and CyberMiles?

The details of these partnerships haven’t been announced yet, but we are working closely with a few important partners. I will be speaking at the Hyperledger Member Conference on October 2. We will announce our progress with Hyperledger at that time.

Apparently, there are not many technical questions left to be addressed, so we will change our Telegram Q&A to a monthly event now on.