ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 8/1/2018

On August 1st, the tenth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between CEO Robert Mao and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q: Has Arcblock made any progress in implementing Algorand? Is Algorand still the plan? For months, we’ve only heard about OCAP, which at this point is just an abstraction. What’s going on with the Algorand consensus?

We have not publicly addressed the Algorand implementation yet, but likely we will switch to a different consensus algorithm that developed by ourself.

Q: Will there be a live broadcast of your hackathon?

It’s our first ever hackathon, and an invite-only event, so we will not have a live broadcast. We will, however, take photos and videos to share with our community.

Q: When will the first open source Dapp be released?

We plan to open source a few projects soon. They are part of the library of tools we built during the construction of OCAP.

Q: Will using Algorand lead to a high number of TPS for ABT?

It’s not Algorand that increases the TPS, it's our overall design and constraints, which are engineered for higher TPS and better security.

Q: Which algorithm do you plan to switch to from Algorand?

We will use our own "proof of randomness” algorith. It's not possible to implement the algorand algorithm simply from their published papers since they didn't disclose full details.