ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 7/25/2018

On July 25th, the ninth ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A took place in the Telegram group. The conversation between CEO Robert Mao and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Q: I would like a breakdown of the required hardware needed for hosting nodes for the ArcBlock network: how it works, how much it costs and how much return profit to expect on ABT.

In the first phase, we will just let our resource miner use Amazon Web Services hardware. In the future, we might allow hardware from other cloud services, or even allow customized hardware.

Q: Is there a way to obtain ABT?

You can either purchase ABT on the exchange, or stay tuned for our community events, where we will give away ABT to hackathon participant, event attendees, and volunteers.

Q: Recently, there have been a lot of comments about the meetings attended by ArcBlock, but there has been no technical progress and the code base has not been updated. How do you explain this?

We recently began releasing an automatically generated weekly status report to show our engineering progress. The report can be viewed here:

Q: Robert, are there any hackathons planned?

The first hackathon event will be happening in Seattle. It’s going to be a small-scale trial run. Actually, right now, a small group of us is dining with Alex Donn, the famous American hackathon guru.

Team dinner with Alex Donn

Q: Has ArcBlock’s progress slowed? Each Q&A seems similar.

Our progress is on track; in fact, we are actually moving pretty fast.

Q: Is there an exact date planned for the hackathon? There are many people who care about this.

The first hackathon is an invite-only small-scale event. Those who received an invite already know when and where. We will release photos and outcomes after the event. Alex Donn is going offer his resources and experiences as our hackathon advisor.

Q: OK, so what's the benefit of the meetings in Korea and Vietnam? Just to let more people know about ArcBlock? To gain investors?

We have local developer communities in Korea and Japan, and eventually, perhaps in Vietnam as well. We will run hackathons in those places in addition to our American events.

Q: Half a year has passed. Have you only developed OCAP Playground? What kinds of products do you expect to develop in the third quarter?

Please check out our roadmap, it’s clearly defined. The people who think we are moving slowing are mostly those who don’t understand software development. It’s a complex engineering process and it takes time.

Q: When will OCAP be able to support other platforms, such as Ethereum?

It’s coming in about two weeks.

All right, time’s up for today! Thanks for all the questions.