ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 7/11/2018

On July 11th, ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A resumed for its seventh round. The conversation between CEO Robert Mao and ArcBlock’s community members is as follows:

Hi, everyone, we’re back for another weekly Q&A. We skipped last two weeks' Q&A because we were on tour in Asia.

The latest news is that we released a public beta version of OCAP Playground last month. It is available at

Q: Don’t you care about the impact of policy on company products?

Yes, we do care, but the policy is out of our hands. ArcBlock is a technical platform. No matter how the policy changes, our innovative team of engineers will find a way to move the technology ahead.

When the market is low, it's the best time to stay focused on the technology and product. In a few months, we will have a few very solid products that could potentially make a huge difference for the blockchain ecosystem. Our vision is very simple and down-to-earth: build the simplest platform for developers to create blockchain and decentralized apps as easily as web or mobile apps.

Here are some screenshots of what we’ve been working on:


Above is a screenshot of the OCAP Playground. We are making improvements to this product everyday.

As you can see, we improved the automatic data table view quite a bit, the result is rendered smartly with data type.


We also have smart tooltip view to show nested data, and automatically add links to help developers observe the data from third party block explorers.


And we made the data visualization even better for developers. This will also inspire developers when creating their own apps.



iOS and Android SDK are also on the way. Soon, developers will be able to hack their apps with OCAP.

**Q: When will the Eth adapter be released? Is there an expected time? **

We expect to open source OCAP and related services this quarter.

**Q: Can I understand ArcBlock as an iOS system? Could I run or create applications based on the iOS system? **

It's not like an iOS, but it's an Amazon Web Service (AWS) for blockchain apps.

Q4: When will you begin hackathons?

We'll run a trial hackathon this month in Seattle. It will be a small scale invite-only event. Starting in August, we’ll run more frequent, more open hackathons.

Q: Is the application on Arcblock based on the Arcblock's main network? You can also choose to be based on Eth or any other main chain?

The app could be based on Eth, or another blockchain. We will have our own chain later this year.

Q: If ArcBlock is based on Eth, does TPS depend on Eth speed?

Yes and no. Yes, if you try to send transactions to it. No, if your application is mostly based on query, data visualization, etc.As you can see, the OCAP query is lighting fast in OCAP Playground, even though Bitcoin only supports 7 TPS.