ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 6/13/2018

On June 13th, ArcBlock held the fifth Community Technical Q&A event. The excepts from conversation between CEO Robert and ArcBlock’s community members are as follows.

Q: How does ArcBlock solve the performance issues of cross-chain transactions through the blocklet? The blocklet would still need to wait until a certain number of confirmations succeed for a valid transaction before it sends confirmation to the user that the payment went through. That would mean if ArcBlock sent a transaction through Bitcoin, it would only be as fast as the Bitcoin network, wouldn't it?

I am glad there are questions regarding the blocklet. Neither the blocklet nor any other component of ArcBlock can speed up the Bitcoin blockchain. So yes, if an app sends transactions to Bitcoin, it will process at exactly the same speed as the Bitcoin network. However, some other operations will be much faster with ArcBlock, such as queries about blocks, transactions, etc.

Q: According to your roadmap, in Q2 of 2018, along with with your development partners, you will launch the first decentralized consumer application built on ArcBlock. Is this launch on time or delayed?

I'm happy to say that it's unlikely we will delay the first ArcBlock app, OCAP Playground. It's a developer-facing app for developers to test and debug OCAP. People without developing experience can also play with it. We will have samples available for experimentation.

*Q: Hi Robert, besides GraphQL, what other development languages should I learn if I’m a software developer who is eager to develop something for ArcBlock?

Javascript, VUE and React.

Q: If a company has some legacy applications that need to interact with blockchain apps without making changes, how can ArcBlock be used to meet this specific requirement?

Legacy applications can simply treat OCAP service as an API endpoint. Our design goal is be able to bridge legacy apps and blockchain apps.

Q: Robert, the community feels like you're spending too much time and energy on development, and it makes you look more like a technician than a CEO. Will your focus shift after the product release?

We are a highly skilled engineering team. That’s an asset, not a liability. My Q&As will mainly focus on engineering-related issues. We will have the first OCAP Playground public beta released soon, and I believe that anyone who cares about technology and engineering won't be disappointed. Stay tuned.