In the past few months, ArcBlock has been in full swing with product planning, distribution, and community development planning. In an increasingly competitive Blockchain world, forming a team is also a huge challenge. With that being said, we are excited to welcome an excellent engineering supervisor to our team, Tyr Chen, who currently serves as Vice President of R&D here at ArcBlock.


ArcBlock's first application will be launched in the second quarter Arcblock will launch its first beta application for developers in the second quarter. ArcBlock is, in essence, a cloud service platform designed for Blockchain applications (commonly considered as AWS/Alibaba Cloud in Blockchain). We will first introduce services to developers to help them understand the capability of the Arcblock platform. And in the meantime, the team will work with the community to make a variety of interesting examples to explore the infinite possibilities of Arcblock in application development. We will see what the future holds!

Arcblock to announce global community plan in June The team is expected to announce a global developer community plan in early June with the debut of the first product. The plan focuses on the developer community and encourages developers to actively participate in the product development process. ArcBlock will also launch community incentive programs that will allow developers and advocates in the community to work with the ArcBlock team to expand Arcblock's influence on Blockchain 3.0.

Arcblock main network will go online in the fourth quarter of 2018 Development has progressed according to the plan in the White Paper, and the main network will go online in the fourth quarter of 2018. For Blockchain companies, structure, security, and infrastructure are of utmost importance. As a third party whose role is to provide services, the infrastructure that ArcBlock guarantees need to be secure, particularly when most of its service frame is based on the cloud. The team is building a complex technology architecture that makes the “Infrastructure As Code “, which will only allow specific access going through the specific network to maximize its security. Additionally, unlike other projects that have relatively simple applications on the chain, ArcBlock serves as a platform for deploying numerous applications. The system needs to ensure that applications do not conflict with each other and ensure that faulty applications do not hamper the entire system or affect other applications.

Technical Q&A

Q: How do you pay for ArcBlock’s services? Since ArcBlock runs on the cloud, does that mean you would use ABT to also pay for Cloud computing services? A: You can use ABT to pay for ArcBlock services. The developer can decide to start ArcBlock nodes and environment on their own cloud services and host their apps there or host their app through public ArcBlock services. If developers used their own cloud, they would only need to pay ABT for using ArcBlock. Otherwise, cloud service fees will be billed and then paid with ABT.

Q: Which programming language will be used to implement the Open Chain Access Protocol? A: Our first developer facing language support is Node.js/Javascript. Internally, we may use different languages for different purposes, such as Javascript, Python, Golang, Erlang, Elixir, C, or C++.

Q: What is a Blocklet? Is it a Framework, SDK, or API? Is it an abstraction of different cloud-microservices across different clouds? A: A Blocklet is a software framework that uses the micro-service design pattern. Blocklets are built based on other industry standard technologies such as Protocol Buffers, Docker, etc. In essence, Blocklets are server components that support a set of specific protocols in order to work together with our Decentralized Pub/Sub API Gateway. Blocklet uses minimalist design and can be implemented in different languages and on different platforms.



At the end of April, Tyr Chen, former vice president of R&D at the San Francisco startup, Tubi TV, joined ArcBlock continuing his role as VP of R&D. Recently, Tyr Chen discussed the beginning of this new chapter in his career in the article "Welcome to the Blockchain World." (English version coming soon) He saw the massive Blockchain market, huge opportunities, and several existing technical problems within the industry.

In the Blockchain era, offering programmers and entrepreneurs an unprecedented opportunity is extremely rare and should not be taken lightly. ArcBlock provides competitive compensation and benefits and will help you stay abreast of today’s rapidly-growing industry by expanding your knowledge of topics such as Blockchain, Backend, DevOps, Client, Design, Arch, and more. In addition to various learning opportunities, we will also offer conferences, training, and courses to help you grow in your career at ArcBlock. For job details, please see ArcBlock Global Recruitment announcement.

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As the project became more and more popular within the market, more and more trading platforms engaged with ArcBlock. Just in May, ArcBlock went live on three trading platforms: Kucoin, Bitmart, and Kyber Network.


On April 26th, Robert Mao was invited to visit Expeditors (NASDAQ: EXPD) headquarters in Seattle. Expeditors is the world's largest logistics company and have opened 322 sites in over 103 countries across six continents to develop highly optimized and tailored supply chain solutions. Combining the Expeditors business itself, Mao introduced the team to the Arcblock enterprise application scenario. Technical communication between ArcBlock and Expeditors will continue.


Arcblock’s Hyperledger membership officially released to the Public. The Hyperledger project is the first major exploration of open-source interfaces for open, standard Blockchain technology. ArcBlock applied to join the Linux Foundation and become a Hyperledger member as early as December of last year and formally joined this January. Arcblock will continue to work diligently with other project participants to create a transparent, open, decentralize project that will contribute to the open-source specifications and standardization of Blockchain technology. This will allow for more applications to be easily established in the Blockchain industry.


After several months of joint exploration, Egretia, the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain platform, and ArcBlock, a 3.0 Blockchain platform, formally reached strategic cooperation on May 7. Egretia is committed to bringing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices to the world of the Blockchain, creating a Blockchain ecosystem that tokens can truly circuit. In the future, ArcBlock and Egretia will collaborate on HTML5 Blockchain games, releasing HTML5 games and applications to the ArcBlock platform via Egretia's development workflow. Players will use the platform to store game assets, and both parties will work together to build an HTML5 game developer ecosystem.


On the morning of May 11, ArcBlock founder and CEO, Robert Mao, and ArcBlock Vice President of R&D, Tyr Chen, attend “ShenLian Lecture”. This was Chen’s first public appearance since joining ArcBlock. Chen explained his motivation of joining the ArcBlock team and emphasized ArcBlock's developer-friendly competitive advantage. The team also announced the fourth quarter’s main network launch and the development of a global community plan, as well as other projects.


Jean Chen, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at ArcBlock, recently spoke at several conferences, most notably the 2018 Big Data Industry Summit, the 2018 9th Database Technology Conference, and the 2018 GBCS Global Blockchain Consensus Summit. He states that the birth of ArcBlock has served to lay the foundation for Internet upgrades that use Blockchain. Ever since its establishment in Seattle, USA last year, ArcBlock has been focused on building a decentralized application system and deployment computing service platform for Blockchain 3.0 instead of digital currency. What ArcBlock needs to do is pulling down the threshold of the blockchain low enough and making it easier for more people to get involved with the chain.



As the industry community continues to grow, more and more people have started asking questions about Arcblock’s platform technology and products. In response to the community’s desire to understand our project and Blockchain technology, ArcBlock has regularly held community technical Q&A meetings since May 16. During its first session on May 16, Robert Mao responded to a series of technical and operational questions concerning the project progress, team building efforts, technology platform, token functionality, and project application. We compile a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from each community Q&A session and then publish it on our new ArcBlock website. The set of questions also include questions that were not selected for the answer at the in-person Q&A time. The selected questions will receive a certain amount of ABT as a reward.

Media Coverage

Robert Mao: The ideal nine percent is the most difficult to find. On May 12th, Connect Finance published an interview, "Meet | Robert Mao: The ideal nine percent is the most difficult to find." Responding to the doubt about his previous entrepreneurial experience, Mao replied with the following: “As an influential project, experiencing various kinds of questions is normal. My personal career growth took a rather unconventional path, so I'm used to walking my own path when surrounded by voices of doubt. In my many years of entrepreneurship and scientific research, I have always been at the forefront of turmoil. I have seen great results in some of the endeavors that I was a part of before. But in reality, I failed at many attempts and put in a lot of effort that the outside world may not be aware of. "If there is one big difference between today’s Blockchain era and the past, it’s that today's Blockchain better joins technical ideas and financial returns, while in the past it was often disconnected and you were forced to choose between realistic and ideal. Remember that when I was just starting my career, one of the seniors told me something that I didn't quite understand at the time. “The most important thing is not to get to the top, but to keep climbing.” Looking back on my career, I can say that I am motivated to keep growing and climbing on this never-ending path. The peak of the Blockchain industry is like climbing a mountain, the top of which no one can see. The real competition is in the skill and speed of climbing.”


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