ArcBlock Community Technical Q&A 5/30/2018

On May 30th, ArcBlock held the third Community Technical Q&A event. The excepts from conversation between CEO Robert and ArcBlock’s community members are as follows.

Hey, everyone! Q&A time again. We are working on Open Chain Access Protocol, and we plan to have first release next month. I'd like to answer questions about it if you have any.

Q: Hi Robert, Has the hyperledger adaptor been implemented?

As we mentioned earlier our first two blockchain supported in the coming release will be Bitcoin and Ethereum.We might push back Hyperledger support due to lack of customer requirement.

Q3: Hi, Robert has said that ArcBlock are aiming different problems and taking different directions with QuarkChain which also claimed as BlockChain 3.0, is ArcBlock planning to collaborate with QuarkChain in the future?

ArcBlock intend to collaborate with any public chain, of course we'd like to work with them too. QuarkChain is toward the direction of "make a better ethereum", ArcBlock is moving toward the direction of "build something completely different and work together with others."

Q: There is very few technical development roadmap in your website, are you going to update more soon?

Yes, not only the updated roadmap, more over, you will be able to participate and work together with us to build a better ArcBlock, soon!

With the launch of new website, we will keep updating our whitepaper, and release a series of new whitepaper, documents, API document and playground for new components.All those will be aligned with our development, and allow community to work together with us through GitHub. And we will reward the community participation with ABT.

Q: When will ArcBlock have their first application in your own platform? And what kind of application will be?

Along with our first OCAP release, we will have a web console, we call it "play ground" to let everyone quickly play with it without install anything. We will then extend that "playground" into "playbook", a interactive document and community to allow developers share code snippets and tips; and then we will evolve it into a hosting app environment, developers will turn those into full applications.

Q: Can you share some development progress of DApps? What can this Dapp do? Can I use iPhone to run it?

The 1st release will be developer faced, we will have web and mobile SDK official support. Since we leverage GraphQL technology, all tools, frameworks from GraphQL community can be used for OCAP.

Q: There are many new high-TPS chains base on ethereum, like off-chain, side-chain, how ArcBlock work together with them? For developer, should we learn so many dev tech?

Improvement on Ethereum will also benefit ArcBlock ecosystem. Actually the 1st release OCAP will make Ethereum development easier and fun.

Q: What is the plan to ensure there will be mass adoption of ArcBlock blockchain by DApps and other upcoming projects upon the successful launch of ArcBlock's mainnet?

We plan to "start by doing things that don't scale" (quote from YC's Paul Graham), that's to say, instead of worrying how to get mass adoption, we focus on how to make user experience and developer experience great. We believe once we can make excellent user experience and developer experience and stand out from all others, the mass adoption problem might be attacked from a different angle.

Q: How does token economy manifest on ArcBlock?The token economy is very attractive to me.

Yes, ABT Chain is all about token and token economy. ABT chain is not a "Turing complete blockchain" like ethereum try to be. Instead it's more toward Bitcoin's design, we have our DSL (Domain Specific Language) support instead of a complete computing environment. You can consider ABT Chain is optimized for token and token economy.

Today's blockchain technology, esp. public chain, most of the players want to be a "better Ethereum", e.g. EOS etc. We don't want to be that, instead we think a blockchain might not necessary, or even better not to be "Turing complete". We might just develop a unique path by ourselves.


Robert, I hope one day I can be your employee.

Our China office is hiring developers. And even better, you can participate with ArcBlock development soon even without being an ArcBlock employee and get reward with ABT.

ArcBlock is more suitable for ordinary people.

ArcBlock is try to build a platform of the developer, by the developer, for the developer. Let's make blockchain great again.