ArcBlock’s ecosystem is getting larger and stronger. Today, Bibox officially becomes ArcBlock’s strategic partner. ArcBlock and Bibox will share resources with each other, and work together to accelerate the transplantation and upgrade of DApps to ArcBlock platform.


If we think Blockchain 1.0 is defined by the decentralized trustless trading ushered in by Bitcoin, and Blockchain 2.0 is about programmability, the emerging of smart contract application and the prosperity of ICO, then Blockchain 3.0 is about the mass implementation of technology and the building-up of Blockchain eco-system. ArcBlock is a cross-chain DApp development framework built for Blockchain 3.0, focusing on the middleware generalization, and provides development interface for the application layer. Unlike the existing cross-chain protocols, DApps on Arcblock platform interact with different underlayer blockchains to achieve the generalization, instead of trying to connect blockchains on a parallel level. This solution creatively avoids the complexity of the current cross-chain efforts.

Bibox is the first AI features embedded Blockchain 3.0 digital asset exchange, formed by top developers and blockchain experts from various countries. It makes to rank in top 15 globally by trading volume in the first month it’s launched.

In Blockchain 3.0 era, people will enjoy the privacy, interoperability and autonomy brought by blockchain technology in a convenient way like people use web and app today. With the effort put together by Bibox and Arcbook, we believe the future is much nearer.