Announcing New Partnerships and Advisory Board

The Palm hotel, Atlantis, in front of hundreds Blockchain experts, industry leaders and government officials, Robert Mao, Founder and CEO of ArcBlock, a former research from Microsoft Research Redmond, unveiled ArcBlock at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit.

Robert at Dubai International Blockchain Summit 2018

ArcBlock is a new generation Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem for developing and deploying decentralized applications. The platform was architected by Robert Mao and Flavien Charlon with a team of software developers that has been in stealth development mode since early 2017. The project is approaching its first project milestone and the first application build on ArcBlock platform is expected to debut in Q2 of 2018.

Robert Mao & Flavien Charlon in Paris

Robert Mao is a former researcher from Microsoft Research where he worked extensively in a research group named FUSE Labs, which was established and led by the legendary software entrepreneur Ray Ozzie. Mao worked on social computing, machine learning in 2009 at which time he started mining Bitcoin. Prior to Microsoft Research, Mao worked for Microsoft Europe’s Global Product Development business unit where he met Flavien Charlon, his peer, who later became a creator of a series of Blockchain technologies such as Colored Coin, Open Assets Protocol and OpenChain. Robert and Flavien teamed up in 2017 again to design ArcBlock, a next generation Blockchain application platform, which aims to bridge the gap between today’s Blockchain technology and consumer friendly applications.

In other words, ArcBlock is a comprehensive solution that combines Blockchain technology with cloud Computing. “It’s a marketplace driven by token economy.” describes Robert Mao, “ArcBlock’s ‘Miners’ will contribute not only computing resources to the system, but also reusable components, new services or ready-to-deploy applications to get token rewards. This is a Blockchain 3.0 application ecosystem developed by the entire ArcBlock community and we’re just igniting the project.”

Since it’s beginning, ArcBlock has been backed by many high profile venture capitals and industry leaders. Notably, China’s self-made multi-billionaire, Mr. Lei Ding, Founder and CEO of NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) who is confirmed as one of its backer and advisor. The company has also formed an Advisory Board consists of seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders and Blockchain experts. Notably, Salman Dhanani, Co-Founder and Co-President of TeleNav (NASDAQ:TNAV); Justin Tomboulian, Vice President of LiquidHub; Mike Cartwright, Chief Technology Officer of DigitalTown(NASDAQ:DGTW); Lawrence Lerner, a Blockchain strategist; Maggie Wu, CEO and Co-founder Krypital Group, an ICO consulting firm; and Violin Wang, COO and Co-founder of Kryptial Group, as well as an advisor of CyberMiles.

ArcBlock’s Advisor & Investors

Since its debut, ArcBlock has gained media and community attention from more than 30 multinational media outlets that have either featured or in progress to feature ArcBlock. Throughout the past few years, Robert and Flavien were also featured on many mainstream news media channels such as TechCrunch, HuffPost, CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, etc. Stay tuned for additional mainstream news outlets to feature stories about ArcBlock and the future it brings.

Meanwhile, ArcBlock has been actively building partnerships with key industry leaders. For example, ArcBlock recently joined IBM PartnerWorld program, a program developed for companies that wish to partner with IBM., This program is actively participated by companies from different scales across various industries all around the world. In addition, ArcBlock has also became a IBM Cloud Solution Provider and is in progress to becoming a IBM Blockchain Partner. Furthermore, earlier last year, ArcBlock also joined SAP’s Blockchain co-innovation initiative, and has become a member of SAP Blockchain Early Access Program. SAP has been actively seeking innovative companies to join their SAP Blockchain Early Access program since 2017. ArcBlock was given the privilege to participate in this program, which greatly benefits ArcBlock’s enterprise customers. With momentum building up, more business partnerships are on its way, and ArcBlock will announce them soon. Stay tuned!