ABT Node Developer Platform

A decentralized dev environment that includes a blockchain framework, runtime and an ecosystem of Blocklets to make building DApps easy.

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Get Started with the CLI

npm install -g @abtnode/cli



Unlike other Blockchain Platforms

ABT Node is blockchain agnostic. Using the integrated Open Chain Access Layer devs can use ArcBlock-powered blockchains, or integrate your data sources including Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Amazon's QLDB.

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Key Features

Simplified Service Delivery

ABT Node's Service Gateway makes networking easy with access to load balancing, SSL termination, automatic and customizable URL mapping, and redirects.

Cloud Native

Devs can run DApps and Blocklets anywhere in an environment that is designed for rapid change, scale and resilience.

Extensible by Design

ABT Node wants to be customized. Use the built-in Blocklet Marketplace to add features and capabilities when you need them.


Powered by Decentralized Identity

Ready-made developers tools to add decentralized identity to any project and a best-in-class decentralized user wallet ABT Wallet.


A Complete Platform for Dapps


Single-pane-of-glass view of your ABT Node.

Blocklet Marketplace

Install new apps or tools for any project.

Built-in Logging

Logging for blocklets, services and ABT Node.

Integrated Security

Increased security with each node.

One-Click Upgrades

One-click upgrades for ABT Node and Blocklets.

Access Keys and Management

Credentials to sign programmitc requests.

Activity Feed

Installs, changes, updates and more.

Team Collaboration

Manage your team and roles.


Who is building on ArcBlock?

Bloksec is a enterprise password and user authentication service that delivers a consent-based payment and multi-factor authentication.



ABT Node is...

ABT Node is redefining whats possible ith DApps. Not only is ABT Node the first fully decentralized developer platform, it ensures developers have a scalable platform, it's fully-featured, and is always free.