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We've solved the user experience challenges of blockchain and removed the complexity out of building dApps. Our platform is easy to use and designed for scalability, security, and interoperability out of the box.

Developer Portal

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platform developer framework

Developer Framework

All inclusive developer framework with easy to use developer tools, ready-made blocklet.starters, and flexible SDKs including Java, Python, Swift, Javascript, and Rust to help any developer build a dApp in just a few minutes.

Forge SDK

platform build test deploy

Build, Test and Deploy

Use integrated testing tools for your dApps, easily deploy your dApp in the cloud, or connect to our highly scalable interconnected blockchain network and ecosystem when your dApp is production ready.

ABT Blockchain Node

platform create your id

Create Your Identity

Give your users the future of identity by adding W3C compliant decentralized identity to your application with just a few lines of code, or build your own decentralized identity wallet using our Wallet SDK.

Decentralized Identity

Blockchain Platform Benefits

A complete decentralized network and application ecosystem that is highly available, scalable and secure to meet any requirements.

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Open Platform

A high performance, open platform built with ArcBlock's developer community

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Plug-and-Play Framework

Build and adapt the framework for your specific user requirements with swappable storage, consensus and more.

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Proof of Stake (PoS)

Use ArcBlock's PoS as a secure foundation for your custom blockchain and DApp.

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Transparent Governance

Propose and vote on automatic, fork-free upgrades using on-chain, user driven governance.

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True Interoperability

Share tokens, data and assets with any other blockchain automatically

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Security and Identity

Secure dApps and data with Decentralized Identity and DID:ABT

Developer Ready Tools

All your dev tools for free - starter blocklets, testing tools, services, pre-built components and complete development framework with all the batteries.

Forge Framework and Forge-CLI

ABT Blockchain Node

ABT Wallet

Forge Web

DApp Workshop

Forge Patreon

Forge Simulator

And many more

A Decentralized Network and Ecosystem for your dApps

Join our interconnected, interoperable decentralized network and dApp ecosystem that scales with you and lets you deploy where you want.

Developer Portal

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