Open Chain Access Protocol

A powerful protocol for accessing underlying blockchains and making it easy for your application to work with different blockchains automatically.

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Secure Sign-Up & Login - Use and reuse validated credentials.

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Globally Available - Forgetting your wallet is a thing of the past.

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Unparalleled Privacy - It's decentralized and it is yours.

The New Middle Layer

A simple, unified way to access data from different blockchains. The Open Chain Access Layer gives developers APIs that enable open connectivity and access to different blockchain protocols. Chain Adapters and are designed to add and support existing and new blockchain protocols in a unified way.

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Experience the Difference. Right now.

OCAP Playground is a web-based developer tool allowing you to begin accessing data from different chains immediately.

Create, Save and Reuse

Create a query and save it as a playbook to easily reuse or insert your query into your application.

Interactive GraphQL Console

Access any supported blockchain protocol through a single, unified interface.


No more indexing, no more centralized infrastructure

ArcBlock provides all the data in real-time. As soon as a block updates, you can access it in the playground.

Integrated documentation

Find the schema, query or subscription types through an integrated documentation center.

The Protocol to Unify Your Data

Unify your approach to blockchain data and support any use case you can imagine. You no longer need to rewrite code, or change your business logic, simply use OCAP to access your data across different chains.

GraphQL Support

Access blockchain data using GraphQL, a query language for fetching application data in a uniform way and includes powerful APIs to get exactly what you need in a single request. With GraphQl, we make it possible to develop for applications in a unified, way regardless of the blockchain.

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An abstraction layer to access all data easily

Don’t let your blockchain tools limit what you can do with your data. OCAP by default gives you a single place to access and support multiple blockchains. You no longer need to worry about setting up your indexing servers, or running on some type of centralized infrastructure. It's developer ready instantly.

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