ABT Blockchain Node

The simplest blockchain node software to deploy your apps, connect to networks, debug your code, run a business online

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Secure Sign-Up & Login - Use and reuse validated credentials.

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Globally Available - Forgetting your wallet is a thing of the past.

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Unparalleled Privacy - It's decentralized and it is yours.

New Console Experience

Everything you need. Real-time node status, storage and network performance, detailed monitoring, and tools manage everything behind the scenes.

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Built for Developers. Designed for Users.

Make your developers happy. Make your users happy. Leverage the power of the ABT Network combined with cloud computing and blockchain nodes. It's fast. It's simple. It's for everyone.

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Features & Benefits

The world's simplest blockchain node software to help users, businesses and developers run their DApps.

Decentralized Identity

Use your decentralized identity to protect your nodes, data and connect to ABT Network.

On-Chain Governance

The first node to include on-chain governance by default.

Simple to use

Easy to start, easy to run with no complicated setup or requirements.

Developer Ready

Integrated developer tools, simulator, block explorer and flexible SDKs to run your DApp the way you want.

Miners & More

Supports Resource, Component and Operator miners.


Built to support interconnected blockchains

Extend ABT Node with Forge Framework

A flexible SDK language, plug and play components, broad transaction support, connect directly to APIs, a powerful CLI and more.

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Run and Manage your DApps Easily

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