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Secure Sign-Up & Login - Use and reuse validated credentials.

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Unparalleled Privacy - secure your data, own your data.

Deliver dApps at Scale with ABT Node

Deploy your dApp in any cloud or server with proven blockchain node software thats fast, reliable and blockchain-native.


Prevent breaches, secure your nodes, data and connect to the ABT Network.

Fast, high-performance, highly scalable experiences for users

Console Management

dApp and dependency monitoring, protocol alerts, integrated developer tools & block explorer

Features & Benefits

The world's simplest blockchain node software to help users, businesses and developers run their DApps.


Hot-Code Updates with zero downtime

On-Chain Governance

Easily manage and implement rules for your blockchains.

Private & Public Blockahins

Build your own chains, or access public chains.

Get Started

Start straight from your local machine, or in the cloud.

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Deploy in the Cloud
Install Forge Desktop

Dashboard and Node Management

Manage and monitor your dApp with live updates and alerts, server and application monitoring, and an integrated block explorer.

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Certified Cloud Partners

Instant deployments in any cloud, available in more than 300+ locations worldwide.

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