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There are more ways to partner with ArcBlock and create revenue for your business. Apply today to learn how and become a Mining Partner for ArcBlock decentralized global community.

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ABT Mining (Early Access)

Starting today, ArcBlock is accepting applications for users and businesses interested in joining our early access Mining Program. The ABT Network is supported by 3 types of miners.

1) Resource Miners

Resource Partners contribute compute resources including server, cloud computing, or self-hosted compute resources to run ABT Nodes.

2) Component Miners

Component Miners contribute software to the system including Chain Adapters, Blocklets or ready-to-deploy DApps.

3) Operator Miners

Operator Miners support the community by working as a service provider to run applications or set up joint efforts with other miners to participate in service operations.

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Joining the ABT Network Is Just The Beginning

Miners don’t earn tokens by simply mining, but instead by creating value for others. There are multiple ways to be successful.

Identify the type of miner you want to be

You can be 1, 2, or all 3. Be a service provider, write code, build new chain adapters, or share your compute resources.

Get help along the way!

Our goal is to help you create value. Our Economy Managers are there to help you to create, build and deliver services on the ABT Network.

Apply Today and Start connecting with the community

Become a partner in a globally decentralized community and earn value by helping others.

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