Community & Mining Events

Join with the community and other developers to hack, write and participate in the ArcBlock blockchain 3.0 ecosystem.

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UPCOMING: Translate Forge Documentation

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UPCOMING: Translate OCAP Documentation

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ONGOING: Write content and get published

Help, Compete, and Start Earning

Join the community and earn ABT tokens for your efforts. Pick an event and join in with hundreds of others making ArcBlock the blockchain platform of choice.

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Translate Forge Documentation

Be the first to earn ABT Native Tokens by working with ArcBlock's team to translate Forge Developer Documentation into Chinese.

Total Reward: 2,000 ABT Tokens

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Translate OCAP Documentation

Up to 2,000 ABT tokens are available. Help to translate ArcBlock's OCAP documentation into Chinese.

Total Rewards: 2,000 ABT Tokens

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How It Works

It's simple, contribute to the community by performing a task and get paid.

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Choose your event and register by submitting a pull request to start.

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Get Started

Work individually, or join a team to start.

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Get Paid

Submit a pull request to have your issue reviewed, when its approved you get paid.

Rules Definitions and Terms

  • Only original work will be accepted
  • No pull requests to the master branch will be accepted.
  • Your participation starts only AFTER you have submitted a pull request.
  • You can you work on as many issues as you want, however no rewards are given unless you submission is submitted and approved.
  • All rewards are assigned to the user(s) who's submissions have been approved by ArcBlock.
  • Each submission is can only be commpleted through a pull request.
  • Each submission will be reviewed by an ArcBlock team member to verify the quality of the content.
  • Payout of ABT Tokens will occur upon completion of the event.
  • The amount of tokens you earn will be calculated mathematically based on the percentage of work completed.
  • Tokens issued will be ArcBlock's native ABT Token.
  • Not everyone may have the opportunity participate in this event. We encourage everyone to work together to improve the quality of the submissions and work in a team that utilizes someone who translates, someone who verifies, and a project manager.
  • Any event that requires translations should not always be literal translations, instead focus on the end-user experience and the meaning of the native language.
  • Follow the existing styles and formatting. Any submissions where formatting or style has changed will not be accepeted.
  • For questions about specific terms we recommend you review ArcBlock's FAQ Page.