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Everything you need to build your blockchain and manage your Decentralized Apps easily.

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ArcBlock SDK Features

ArcBlock delivers flexibility and usability to allow developers to easily build, maintain and support their DApps.


No central controllers, every chain is compatible.

Cloud-Ready Node(s)

Deploy and scale in the cloud of your choice.

On-chain Governance

Vote on planned migrations and upgade nodes automatically.

Wallet Migration

Easily migrate to a new set of keys.

Dynamic Decision Engine

Wallet and engines can make decisions dynamically.

Flexible Architecture

Everything is pluggable - consensus, store or even state database.

The Vision Behind the SDK

"With our SDK, you can easily build you own private chains, or connect to public chains. ArcBlock is playing a key role helping developers build a decentralized world by creating an easy-to-use experience that gives the them the building blocks to create their blockchains without the complexity."
-- VP of Engineering, Tyr Chen

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