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W3C Compliant Decentralized Identity puts the user in control

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Developers tools are already integrated into Forge Framework

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Identity and Access Management for the modern workplace

What is Decentralized Identity?

Decentralized identity (DID) can replace identifiers such as an email address or username, and removes the need for 3rd parties to maintain digital identities on their servers. It’s rooted in blockchain, it's secure and uses distributed ledger technology to protect privacy and allow secure transactions.

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Features & Benefits

Decentralized Identity is fully integrated into Forge Framework and ready to use with any Forge created application, or W3C compliant DID services automatically.

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Consumer ready

Control your identity and protect your privacy using ABT Wallet

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Business Ready

Transparent, auditable, electronic verification leading to less risk

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For Developers

DID Starter Kit, ready-SDKs to build user-centric apps that lets users store their data

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ABT Wallet

ABT Wallet empowers your users and allows them to manage their digital lives easily. Everything from online identities, profiles, digital assets, certificates, licenses and so much more. Simply download the wallet and users can begin using any Forge Created app automatically.

What Does DID Mean to You

Learn more about what Decentralized means to the individuals who help build ABT Wallet and the DID:ABT.

DApps Workshop

Build and test decentralized identity and transaction scenarios for Forge-built DApps without writing a line of code. Try it now and test your POC with no risk.

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DID Developer Kit

Forge Framework includes everything a developer needs to add decentralized identity services to their DApp or services. Let your user or customers access your service instantly, but securely.

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Decentralized Identity starts with DID:ABT

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