Decentralized Identity

Use Decentralized Identity to create identity based components
and services for your application on any blockchain



Why Use Decentralized Identity?

Let customers own their personal data and make it easy to move, share and verify data instantly. Build a loyalty points system, prepaid accounts, non-fungible tokens,digital currency and more.

Easy User Management

One step log-process releases the burden of authenticating users

No Third Party

Removes the need for 3rd parties to maintain digital identities on their servers

Secured Data

Distributed ledger technology attaches user signature to every aggreed action

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Decentralized Identity Is Just An Identifier

Just like how DNA and fingerprints can be used to identify different people,
Decentralized Identity enables anything to have its own unique identifier.

😶 People: Obviously. All people can have IDs.
📦 Things: Not just people. All things can have IDs: certificates, badges, etc.
🛎 Relations: Even relations among users and things can have IDs: ownership, connections, friendship, etc.

Sounds Cool. Where to start?

Follow steps 1, 2, 3 and start using ArcBlock SDK to add Decentralized Identity in your application.


Want to see what Decentralized Identity looks like?
Check out the Dashboard to see how each user interacts with their Decentralized Identity.


Want try using Decentralized Identity?
Visit our Decentralized Identity Live Experiences to try real demos.


We already did most of the work.
Use a ready-made Blocklets and start building your own app.

Decentralized Identity Wallet?

No user identity experience would be possible without support of a decentralized identity wallet. ABT Wallet allows users to manage their digital currencies, certificates, tickets, licenses and so much more.


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