Developer Workshop

A Developer Workshop
on how to add Decentralized Identity into your app or project

Learn how to setup and use decentralized identity for your application project.


Things to know

This step-by-step workshop shows developers how to create apps and service using Decentralized Identity. You'll learn the basics of decentralized identity, how to setting up and run your own identity service using ArcBlock's Block Server and DID:CONNECT Blocklet, enable the use of the user-controlled identity wallet DID Wallet to let users control their data and build a React App to see how it all works. Here are a few things to know before we start.


Developer Notes

ArcBlock's team walks developers through the process of building an application using the ArcBlock platform. The below walkthrough will help guide you through the steps as you watch the workshop.

This session will look at the following:

  • Decentralized Identity (DID) Integration Walkthrough
  • DID Auth (DID Comm) in real life including building a live demo.


To build your own applications using decentralized identity. Here's what you will need to start:

DID Wallet Basics

  • Built for Decentralized Identity
  • Two layers of security: password recovery and recovery codes
  • separates user profile and identities
  • browse applications an explore within the wallet

DID Wallet Walkthrough

The Foundation of the Application is Block Server

  • Prerequisites: Node.js
  • Block Server is the base layer for the ArcBlock platform and ecosystem
  • Blocklets: building blocks that can be used for your decentralized applications
  • web-based interface

Setup Block Server


  • Prerequisite: none
  • A Blocklet: install from the Block Server marketplace
  • web interface that makes integration DID Auth easy
  • your own DID Auth service on your own node in your infrastructure

Setup your Identity App in DID:CONNECT

Let's get coding!

  • Create a React App
  • add @arcblock/did-connect dependency
  • configure DidSessionProvider
  • use Session context
  • Specify serviceHost and appDid
  • Run!

Explorer More: Wallet Playground available in the Block Server marketplace