Blocklets: a new way to build DApps

Use Blocklets to one-click provision, configure, and deploy apps, components and libraries for your DApp project.



Blocklet Benefits

Blocklets do the hard work for you and simplify what you need for your DApp project. Use one, connect them together or deploy your own in a few steps.

Blocklet to app in seconds

Install a Blocklet and it will be provisioned, configured and deployed automatically

Open marketplace

Deploy Blocklets from the marketplace, or build your own

Enhanced developer experience

Standardized, repeatable, with all the tooling making development and deployment simple


What is a Blocklet?

Blocklets are serverless software units that contain compiled code and any dependencies needed to deploy apps, components and libraries easily. Blocklets can connect to blockchains and other data sources and enable users to easily perform on-chain and off-chain computing.

Standardized packaging and tooling

Standardize packaging and tooling with all the necessary dependencies and libraries required.

Free and Paid Blocklets

Incentivized marketplace with core, open-source and paid Blocklets from popular vendors to add new features.

Serverless, Microservices Architecture

Blocklets work anywhere giving you a consistent, uniform way to create and deploy apps and services across your environments.

Upgrades and rollbacks

Easy notifications and one-click upgrades anytime there is a Blocklet version available.

Decentralized Identity

Each Blocklet has it's own identity making it easy to own anything you create.

Service Routing

Automatic configuration and routing of service traffic for all your Blocklets, and options to add rules and URL mapping as needed.

Configuration management

Deploy and update configurations without rebuilding your node or disrupting services.

Build with Github

Build and deploy Blocklets directly from Github, or install inside of ABT Node.

Blocklet Marketplace

An open marketplace to install or add you own apps, libraries, and components to extend the capabilities of ABT Node.



Blocklets are...

Blocklets are just the beginning. Blocklets remove the complexity of building for the decentralized web and enable developers and teams to keep it simple, and move fast on any project.