Government and Blockchain

Using blockchain to support government and public use cases

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Government Use Cases

Using blockchain to support government and public use cases

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and access controls

Store access control policies on the blockchain, remove the need for passwords, automate policy enforcement, and more.

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License Issuance & Tracking

Digital documents, certificates, and licenses issued from an immutable ledger that is publically verifiable and auditable.

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E-Government Services

Increase security and flexibility for e-government services including voting, taxation, customs and border crossings

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Government Spotlight:
Data Deliver and Intergration

Using ArcBlock's Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP), ArcBlock delivered a commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) technology that provided the client with enterprise-wide data subscription for diverse data sets including Bitcoin and Ethereum to support their efforts to monitor risk, improve compliance, and inform government policy with respect to digital and cryptocurrency-based assets. This subscription includes secure transmission of the data through SFTP, available global APIs and the lifetime of data for each data set on hosted nodes and infrastructure.

Government License Use Case Profile

The Challenge

A government entity is interested in using blockchain to improve security, and transparency, for issuing and verifying licenses and certificates.

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Use Case Profile

The Solution

ArcBlock proposed a new DLT and decentralized identity powered identity and certificate management platform that uses ArcBlock's W3C compliant DID and a customizable decentralized identity wallet for the entity to meet its continued mission. The applications will improve verification of activities such as training, education, organization identity, and delegated authority. Additionally, the new application and the digital identity wallet app focused on preventing Forgery and Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses will mitigate the potential risk from the entities common issuance processes that are paper-based, non-interoperable, and easily faked or destroyed by utilizing a proposed application design that incorporates Distributed Ledger Technologies and decentralized identity capabilities to:

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Issue and verify certificates, licenses and attestations;

Store and manage digital assets including identities, certificates, licenses and attestations through a mobile wallet;

Utilize publicly accessible APIs, and support integration with existing or 3rd party applications;

Ensure interoperability between blockchains, apps and mobile wallet;

Benefit from industry standard specifications and security that meet and/or exceed the governments requirements;

Supports diverse key management and recovery mechanisms;

Use Case Profile

What's Next

Arcblock is continuing to adapt and implement the entities license and certificate system using the Forge Framework. In doing so, the system is being adapted to integrate additional 3rd party and external services to increase support of issuance deliverables. Included with this is the continued adaptation of key management and recovery mechanisms to support diverse stakeholders, increase automation of external services, as well as new reporting features to help the entity evaluate the success of its program.

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