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Reinventing Gaming Experiences with Blockchain

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Gaming Use Cases

Reinventing digital gaming experiences with blockchain

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Blockchain-powered Platform

Developers can build their games to immediately benefit from digital payments, verifiable transactions and user-based content and ownership.

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Incentivizing and Rewarding Gameplay

Use a tokenized game play system to provide user incentives and rewards based on activity, gameplay and more.

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User Generated Content Creation

Invent new gaming experiences allowing users to build, save, trade and sell user-generated content, or share it across games.

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Customer Spotlight:
Gravity Wave Interactive

Infinity Gravity is a sandbox game created by Gravity Wave Interactive that allows users to freely create their own worlds using C++, the Unreal 4 game engine and real-world physical effects to help a user experience the game just like it is in the real world. Infinite Gravity makes it easy to build your world and capture ideas in real-time before they are gone, and by using blockchain technologies user are able to save, buy, trade, or exchange their assets – anytime they want to.

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The Challenge

Gravity Wave wanted to implement blockchain technology into its Infinite Gravity game using ArcBlock’s development platform and Forge Framework. The goal is to create a game-asset storage blockchain to host user-generated assets with a user interface layer on top of the blockchain that gives users the freedom and flexibility to build, save, trade and sell their own digital worlds and assets. Gravity Games believes that this new user-generated game ownership driven experience will increase user satisfaction, repeat playability and ongoing vitality of the game over the long-term.

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The Solution

Gravity Wave selected ArcBlock’s Forge Framework to create a reliable, low latency private blockchain that delivers a scalable blockchain network to supports massive amounts of transactions across the globe. Gravity Wave’s and ArcBlock’s engineers worked closely to define a project plan that included a new Forge C++ SDK and setting up:

•validator nodes using AWS including locations in Tokyo, Frankfurt, Virginia, and California.
•define and configure the total token number, size of assets and block and the interval to generate blocks Enable validator nodes to take gas fees from users.

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What's Next

Gravity Games is already planning their next version of Infinite Gravity that will not only give users the ability to own and control their assets but allow users to interact directly with the game-asset blockchain and moving the entire game logic onto the blockchain.

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