Decentralized Identity for Authentication

Using Blockchain and Decentralized Identity to improve passwordless authentication and consent-based payments.

Secure authentication

Cryptographic-based authentication using an easy-to-use app.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with existing SSO services without storing any PII.

Verification and Access

Globally resolvable and easily verified using Blockchain.

Use Case Profile: Bloksec


BlokSec is pioneering the use of decentralized identity (DID) for secure and strong authentication without the use of passwords or tokens. Built as a cloud service, BlokSec provides decentralized authentication as an alternative to traditional centralized or social logins, while still supporting common protocols in order to keep integration with easy for developers. A company can have decentralized, passwordless authentication up and running in minutes.

Use Case Profile: Bloksec

The Challenge

The BlokSec decentralized authentication platform required a distributed ledger to record and maintain the integrity of DID records and authentication transactions. With users expecting near instant feedback when authenticating, response time and throughput were important considerations when choosing an underlying technology.

Use Case Profile: Bloksec

The Solution

ArcBlock and BlokSec have worked together for the past year to build a robust and secure decentralized authentication service that leverages ArcBlock's DApps Platform including the built-in Blockchain Application Framework for performant and scalable distributed ledger transactions, and the ArcBlock SDK in both the BlokSec mobile application and authentication gateway service to enable user-managed decentralized identities and service that conform the DID specification for interoperability.


Try it and then build it

Click below to try demos using decentralized identity including loyalty points, Cash Apps, Certificates and more. Best of all, anything you try you can immediately build yourself using ArcBlock's ready-made platform and Blocklets.