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The new era of sharing and buying data powered by blockchain

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Decentralized Data Marketplace

Create value through secure, data sharing using non-tamperable blockchains that are publically veriable

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Buy and Sell Any Type of Data

Smart contract enabled transactions, trustless digital currency payments

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Verification and Access

Decentralized identity, certifed data, advanced data privacy, autonomous networks


Project Spotlight: DID BANK

DID BANK is a self-sovereign data engine designed to support a data economy and infrastructure enabling a wide-range of use cases for the use of blockchian. DIDBANK uses several key service layers that include using trusted, autonomous decentralized identity and allowing anyone to sell personal data for purposes such as advertising, research, financial uses and more. The second layer is a semnatic network that is used to simplify and optimize the payment process for both buyers and sellers and enable wide-spread use.

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The Challenge

To enable a future data economy that allows easy, free flow access to data and allows users to protect and share data their data using blockchain and decentralized identity to amny interested parties and generating income or benefits for that data through a simple, easy to use interface.

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The Solution

DIDBANK and ArcBlock are working together to implement a autonomous decentralized identity using ArcBlock's ABT Wallet and it's W3C-compliant DID protocol to enable users to obtain control over their digital identities including access to their data. DIDBANK will aggregrate, and clean the data leveraging a fully decentralized system. The requirements for the solution include, but aren't limited to the following:

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Readable names: expressed through readable characters;

Mapping data: helping to map readabble names to an address;

Identity data: allow management of data by users confirming what data they want to share;

Zero-knowledge proof: established through a trusted 3rd-party or smart contract;

Data warehouse: encrypting, storing and indexing the data;

Data applications: different interfaces and development tools.

Use Case Profile

What's Next

DID BANK is standardizing its services for digital identity and data and and will further expand its data ecosystem into additional service offerings using ArcBlock's Forge Framework to support interoperable applications and diverse workloads creating increased value and opportunities for DIDBANK customers.

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